Emirates ‘Inspire Me’ Application powered by Travelport

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Trending of Emirates ‘Inspire Me’ Application Engineered by Travelport

Confirms Leisure Traveler Desire for Inspirational Shopping Tools

Emirates ‘Inspire Me’ website
Screen grab of Emirates ‘Inspire Me’ website

 Travelport, a leading provider of critical transaction processing solutions and data for the global travel industry, and Emirates, one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines, have launched Emirates’ Inspire Me travel application on the Emirates website . For consumers who want to travel but have no preconceived destinations in mind, the application presents an easy-to-navigate graphical map of the world and an expansive range of inspirational search capabilities to narrow down the ideal destination and desired travel experience. Selections are based on personal preferences and Emirates’ global route network.

What differentiates the Inspire Me application in the market is real-time availability and pricing, cutting-edge features and capabilities, and the most advanced interface and visual appeal. Emirates attributes avid consumer interest and bookings with Inspire Me to the consummate experience conceived and created in conjunction with Travelport. Emirates selected Travelport due to their industry leadership in managing availability, pricing and transaction processing in the high-traffic e-commerce environment, plus their innovative spirit towards evolving search capabilities and customization.

“We’re committed to helping Emirates inspire their global travelers,” said Derek Sharp, president and managing director, Global Distribution Sales & Services and Airline IT Solutions for Travelport. “Travelport’s own initiatives are founded on one guiding principle: choice. Choice ignites the travel supply chain, and it liberates travelers to search, book and enjoy travel in new ways. The new Emirates Inspire Me application epitomizes what Travelport is bringing to the global travel industry through increased search capabilities, customization and control. This is what we aspire to do for all travel service providers to help them compete and prosper.”

According to Sharp, “Today’s travelers want to engage with travel solutions as they would any other technology or application. They expect to navigate options easily, comparison shop and customize their preferences. They also have a hunger for the latest mobile technology, which is why Travelport-facilitated leisure travel planning integrates with smartphone and tablet devices. With the addition of inspirational search capabilities, and real-time pricing and availability, travel planning and searching morphs to a whole new level that Emirates now offers on their website.”

An exclusive live-search solution

Fare caching technology in use by many online travel service providers stores data from searches already generated by website visitors, and causes search quality to be highly variable. In contrast, Travelport’s proprietary mapping and search technology for the Emirates Inspire Me application infuses real-time availability and pricing into the process to ensure the best possible experience for both Emirates and its customers.

Proprietary mapping and search technology

Travelport engineered the Inspire Me application so that Emirates customers can easily explore the airline’s global destinations in all-new ways, and become inspired by diverse trip ideas presented through a graphical interface that fully complements the look and feel of the emirates.com website.

The application presents a map of the world as a backdrop, and uniquely guides consumers through a process that begins with selecting desired travel dates, world regions, continents or countries. Choices also include a desired climate, and a broad selection of destination types, from the beach, to shopping and indulging in the city, safaris, nature and scenery, history and culture, and backpacking.

“This application embraces a full spectrum of online travel search advances that are changing the travel experience,” Sharp added. “The evolution and art of search are reliant on dependable, flexible, accurate and highly relevant choices – all fundamental to Travelport’s strategy. Airline websites, in fact any travel website, must provide a great shopping experience by delivering a range of compelling options to convert lookers into bookers, and drive revenue.”

Travelers are encouraged to come, explore and find their dream vacation at www.emirates.com.


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