Emirates ranked World’s Best Airline

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Emirates airline has been ranked as the Best Airline in 2014, according to an annual study by eDreams, one of the largest e-commerce travel companies in Europe.

The study, comprised of more than 90,000 customer reviews from all over the world, ranked airlines on various factors such as which aircraft is the most clean and modern to which had the best entertainment options and was the most child friendly.

Worldwide, Emirates stole the spotlight with an overall rating of 4.24 out of the top score of 5. Emirates received top scores in overall cleanliness and modernity of the plane and also received the highest ratings for best in-flight entertainment and luggage handling.

An eDreams customer and traveller on Emirates, Buchall, even stated: “Emirates was excellent. Good food, films and the staff were excellent and helpful with families”.

While Emirates topped Most Clean and Modern; Best Entertainment; Luggage Handling; Best Flight Attendant Service and Best Airline VIP Lounges categories, it lagged other airlines in Most Comfortable; Best Airlines To Travel With Children categories.

Interestingly, Singapore Airlines which topped the list in the 2012 and 2013 was mysteriously missing from this year’s ranking.

Infographic:  World’sBest Airlines in 2014

Best Airlines -Emirates
Best Airlines in 2014. Image courtesy-eDreams


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  1. How can Alitalia be 17th. The planes are old, no inflight entertainment, awful service and the worst luggage handlers in the world

    • Hi George! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The results are based on a survey by eDreams. It’s okay that the survey results don’t match with your experience 🙂

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