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Undoubtedly, social media has registered itself as a notable meter when it comes to gauging the success of any business. Facebook ‘Likes’,  Twitter and LinkedIn ‘Follower’ numbers, all make up the first impression and translates to a brand or a company’s popularity.

Social media has had and is continuing to have a huge influence on business, marketing, and on how businesses engage with their target market.

LinkedIn revealed that Emirates has become the first in the global airline industry to reach 100,000 followers, positioning it as one of the most rapidly developing social media players around.

Surprisingly, the company’s LinkedIn profile was launched only last year, and within that short span of time, the members have increased owing to the frequency of visits to its page. Professionals come to the page to keep in touch with the latest news from the company or to find out more about the products they offer. This has helped build brand loyalty and customer retention among LinkedIn members.

A major factor contributing to the exponential rise in the number of members is the information provided by the airlines’ official page. The content is tailored specifically to the needs of its target audience. These include not only individuals planning to recruit the airlines as mode of transport, but also professionals across the industry, and graduates seeking lucrative employment opportunities.

Emirates’ presence on LinkedIn has also helped strengthen their employer brand. Emirates has over 40,000 employees from 138 nations working across disciplines such as Cabin Crew, Pilot, Corporate, Commercial Aviation, Engineering, Tourism and Travel Services. With nearly 200 new aircraft on order, the airline will look to increase that workforce over the next years.

Sophia Panayiotou; “Following our achievements on other social networks, LinkedIn is another social media success story for Emirates. We are very proud to become the first airline to reach the milestone of 100,000 followers on the professional network. As we grow as a company, it is essential that we attract the right talent to help us achieve our ambitions and we see LinkedIn playing a very important role in that.” — Sophia Panayiotou, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Emirates

Jacob Thomas; “Emirates has constantly set benchmarks for airlines across the world, and this is what has made them leaders in the industry. We are proud to recognize that the first airline on LinkedIn to reach this milestone is from the Middle East/UAE, and we are committed to partnering with Emirates for their continued success.” — Jacob Thomas, Head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn MENA

Why Emirates Airline (and other serious Businesses) focuses on LinkedIn

Facebook and Twitter shine in media reports and have more people following those two social media networks than any other. However, if your intended target audience is serious professionals for B2B then LinkedIn is where you need to focus.

As of May 2013, LinkedIn has got more than 225 million professionals. Out of this, more than 100 million members earn an average income of more than $100,000.

Therefore, LinkedIn makes perfect sense for marketers looking to deal with people who are more familiar with the business, are looking to do business, can make decisions and have more income to spend.

The guys at wishpond have come up with a neat Infographic ‘The State of LinkedIn’ for Q2 2013, which reveals some interesting statistics on the world’s biggest professional social network.

The state of LinkedIn Q2 2013 Infographic
The state of LinkedIn Q2 2013 Infographic: wishpond

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