Entrepreneurship gaining interest in Abu Dhabi

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students enrolling in abu dhabi university
Entrepreneurial courses gaining interest in Abu Dhabi. (photo for illustrative purposes only)

They coined the term corporate slavery for a reason.

Corporations around the world thrive upon the talents and enthusiasm of young graduates who are eager to submit their loyalty and hard earned degrees, to contribute to the profits of the company that hires them. These individuals it seems, are caught in a monotonous cycle of safety that guarantees them a monthly paycheck.

Entrepreneurship on the other hand, is quite literally a risky business. That said, it has its share of advantages and disadvantages. In the attempt to minimize risks to the success of one’s business, individuals usually enter the job market first to gain experience and then apply what they have learned to their own business.

In Abu Dhabi though, the case is different. Aspiring entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi are saving years or even decades, of their lives by gaining expertise in entrepreneurial programs before launching a business of their own.

Abu Dhabi University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center offers their “ADU Enterprise” course with the aim to help nurture Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Nabil Ibrahim; “Our program is reversing the trend by the vast majority of start-up businesses that fail within a five year time frame by incubating “out of the box” thinkers who are the architects of tomorrow’s business empires. We help entrepreneurs to flourish in any business climate by giving them a supportive ecosystem connecting them to the business community, investors and the wider economy of the UAE and beyond.” — Dr. Nabil Ibrahim, Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University

Interest in entrepreneurship is at an all-time high due to the job market’s diminished appetite for fresh graduates and the rise of UAE as a lucrative hotspot for investors. An emerging pattern is that entrepreneurial skills are evolving from a luxury into a necessity for those currently in non-business career paths like engineering, as it fast tracks their promotion to senior executive positions.

Ibrahim Salem Bin Madhi, 25, a Mechanical Engineering student studying at one of Abu Dhabi’s Entrepreneurship Centre comments;

“It’s not just about what the learning program gives you but also what it takes away: because it takes away all fear of venturing out solo into the corporate jungle.”

Fahimeh Mohammad Rastegar (25), who has just started her own interior design company says;

“The common misconception is that interior design is only for a wealthy clientele, but I have learned to distinguish my brand by targeting middle-income yet style-savvy trendsetters. Studying about the principles of entrepreneurship has taught me that it’s not about big budgets but big ideas.” 

Lama Sawaf (47), an electrical engineering graduate, even those who are already entrepreneurs should consider upgrading their expertise;

“I learned unconventional ideas about building an enterprise that had never crossed my mind before, and also got constructive feedback on the business plans I already had.”

Photo courtesy: Abu Dhabi University

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