Etihad Travel Perks For Abu Dhabi Government Employees

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A new scheme has been introduced by Etihad Airways, providing travel benefits to employees of the Abu Dhabi government.

The program was developed both by Etihad and Musanada (Abu Dhabi General Service Company). The partners will work hand in hand to simplify and improve the Government travel services.

The Program

The scheme is called the ?Abu Dhabi Government Employee Travel Program? and it is comprised of several advantageous, unprecedented travelling offers including, special fares and enhanced benefits for frequent flyers, priority ground services. In addition to these perks, there will also be tailored Etihad Holiday deals.

They hope to achieve schemes that will enable government employees to attain the maximum benefits from government-funded travel.

The CEO of Etihad Airways, James Hogan said,??We expect the Abu Dhabi Government Employee Travel Programme to become an increasingly important part of our business, and will be working hard to ensure it offers the highest standards of service and the best value to one of our most important customer segments.?

Musanada: Promoting the Abu Dhabi Government

Musanada Travel Service provides specially designed travel solutions to Abu Dhabi government employees. These solutions are managed by a travel team with more than 20 years? experience in strategic supplier relationships and delivered through building strategic partnerships with trusted local third party vendors who are internationally recognized.

The company?s Chief Executive Officer, His Excellency Mohamed Khalifa Al Fahed Al Mehairi, stated that, ?Musanada is dedicated to providing government entities and its employees with world class services, and the way to do so is by systematically working together with other government entities. By forming such solid partnerships we are providing the Abu Dhabi Government with the support it needs for the actualization of its Vision 2030.?

He also said that ?This MoU is in line with Musanada?s strategy to design innovative customer-tailored solutions through conducting valuable partnerships with other distinguished partners such as the UAE?s national carrier.

The meaning of the word ?Musanada? is ?to support?. And that is exactly what the organization intends to do. It has dedicated itself to support the government entities of the UAE and to help Abu Dhabi in achieving the status of one of the top five governments in the world. It aims to provide the Abu Dhabi government with quality services that are cost effective keeping with top international standards.

Musanada?s mandate is to support the Emirate?s public sector institutions and help Abu Dhabi become one of the top five governments in the world, achieving this through developing effective and responsive services for the Government.

Musanada provides travel services through an e-booking platform made available 24/7 and a dedicated e-mail address allocated to all ADGEs. In addition to air travel bookings, Musanada Travel Service Team provides hotel booking and car rental services directly at a corporate level to ensure that it can ultimately maximize and leverage the commercial value on behalf of the Government of Abu Dhabi whilst having the flexibility to add additional travel service providers if and when required.

?This is indeed a welcome initiative which we were immediately ready to support given the benefits it will bring to our 200 plus staff.” said Khaled Al Hashemi, HR & Administration Director, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority.

The strategic partnership will greatly boost Etihad?s credibility in providing valuable services to its travelers and take the Abu Dhabi government to greater heights.

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