Expats Prefer UAE over Home

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A poll conducted by Emirates 24/7 reveals UAE as a preferred destination for many foreign nationals. Respondents stated that UAE is safer compared to their home country.

Post recession places like Singapore and India have better opportunities than before, but there are other factors that expats consider important.


The UAE has a modern infrastructure that has made it a regional transportation center. The UAE enjoys one of the world’s highest incomes per capita. Last year UAE was ranked sixth in quality of infrastructure among other countries. It was ranked 23rd in Global Competitive Index (GCI) among 133 countries, which is ahead of Malaysia, India, and China. UAE?s status as a commercial, trade, and logistics, the market is upbeat about business growth.

The poll showed that 16 per cent of the respondents would not consider going back even if a good opportunities are available. About 6 per cent of the participants were not sure if they would return to their home countries even if they have better choices. While, 78 per cent of the people said they would consider to move back to their home country if a good opportunity arises.


Singapore is offers several advantages to expatriates. The financial service sector is one of the best in Asia and it allows expats to gain knowledge and experience about Asian markets. The Singapore Employment Passes are issued based on applicant?s qualifications, working experience, job profile, economic contribution, employer?s track record, and the quality of the applicant to complement and supplement Singapore local workforce. Apart from that a minimum of fixed monthly salary of at least S$2,500 is required.

Asia and Middle East are lucrative places for employees, considering the growth potential. The average executive salary is increasing by 7 per cent across the Asia Pacific region, while in Europe and North America it is growing at approximately 2.5-3 per cent.

Last year average executive salary in Asia surpassed the salary in Europe and is on track to surpass those in the US by 2013. In the Middle East executive salaries have already caught up with those in the Europe.

All is not well

The 2008 recession had severely hit the Gulf region with many losing their job or a salary cut. Now with the latest drive to balance the need of local population in terms of adequate employment and employability, government across Middle East have carried out Saudization, Omanization, and Emiratization. This could have a serious effect on expats in UAE.

Sources: Emirates 24/7, Khaleej times, Zawya

Image credit: asdaauae.ae

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