Extreme weather a threat to the energy system

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Christoph Frei, the Secretary General of the World Energy Council said today that the climate challenges and cyber risks are posing a greater threat to the energy system than ever before.

“Energy frontiers are shifting in a dramatic way and many of the challenges are more daunting today than ever before. The climate challenges need a post COP21 way forward – energy access is more recognised than ever as a key development enabler… innovation has changed the energy sector in the last 10 years more than in the 40 years before that,” said Frei speaking on the sidelines of the World Energy Congress.

He added that the challenge the world faces is that half of the world’s GDP needs to be invested over the next two decades if we are to secure a sustainable energy future and Turkey is in a unique position to provide the right context for critical policy dialogue, sharing of best practices and technology innovation.

The first list of over speakers for the 23rd World Energy Congress, “the Energy Olympics”, taking place in Istanbul on 9-13 October 2016, was also announced at the event.

Over 100 government ministers, heads of states and 10,000 senior energy leaders will be attending the Congress under the theme of “Embracing New Frontiers“.

“By bringing together the world’s energy leaders, different cultures and people from around the world at the World Energy Congress in Turkey, we intend to set the global energy agenda.  The world’s energy pulse will beat from Turkey at the 2016 World Energy Congress and shine a light on global energy problems,”said Turkey’s Energy Minister, H.E Taner Yildiz.

The Turkish President will be opening the Congress with 70 sessions exploring energy issues that have an impact on economic growth and competitiveness, energy access, environment, political integration and regional dynamics.  It is the World Energy Council’s premier energy event that is held every three years and represents more than 3,000 member organisations including governments, industry, international organisations and non-profit groups.



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