Facebook and Apple: New Venture

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Apple and Facebook

Apples global patent dominance seems to be getting stronger, especially with the Samsung Tablet being banned in Australia.?? However, this world dominance might not last long.

After a long and much awaited, the biggest social network has decided to launch its native app for the iPad, just as its huge push behind HTML5 may help threaten Apple’s app store model.

The iPad is the most used tablet in the market as of now, with more than 70% of the market share in the tablet industry. Its touch screen and intuitive technology is very well suited for Facebook, as the application will be able to generate high-res photos, games, chat and more.

Of the 350m people who use Facebook on mobile devices every month, roughly half of those users access Facebook through a web browser and half use applications that are built on the operating system within their device, such as Apple?s iOS or Google?s Android, Facebook said.

Facebook has seen what Apple can do so it decided to play is safe for the moment. As a good will gesture, Facebook indicated that it will send a significant number of its mobile users to the Apple app store through the new iPad app.
Facebook Application has been available from the App store for free since Facebook launched it on Monday and all applications and games that users wish to download within Facebook will be directed back to the App store. For all paid applications, Apple will take its customary 30% of developers? sales.


The launch of Facebook for Apple iOS systems will not be such good news for the developer of MyPad, an application used for Facebook and Twitter on the iPad. Users of the application have often complained that MyPad lacked the user friendliness and fun actions that have made Facebook so popular.


Facebook said it aimed to bring all the social channels which drive apps and games to web users to mobile apps and websites. Although the features are still under development, the firm has detailed five Social Channels on Mobile already. These are Bookmarks; Requests (allowing users to invite friends to an app); News Feed, which can be used to share highlights from apps and interact with those snippets; Authenticated Referrals, a new feature to help developers build a personalized experience once users arrive at their app; and Facebook Credits for micropayments, now extended to mobile web apps.

Luke Shepard, a Facebook software development engineer encouraged developers to use the Facebook on Apple iOS as a springboard future applications within Facebook. In a blog he said, ?Social apps are all about interacting with your friends so the best social apps will be on both native iOS and web apps, and we encourage you to think about how to reach the total audience of Facebook users by building both?

An avid fan of the iPad, Ambreen said, ?The best thing about the iPad is how easy it is to use and the same can be said about Facebook. Put the two together and it will be an instant hit with whoever uses Facebook on a regular basis.?
Android access

It?s a social networking site, but its concentrating its efforts to ?become a mobile company? on HTML, as it enables cross devise web apps to eventually break down the wall around the native app stores. This will not happen over night, hence Facebook will extend its native support to more mobile platforms such as Android in the coming months.


With the launch of Apple online in the UAE late last month and with the addition of the Facebook application available for download, Apple fans in the UAE and MENA region can now feel even more part of the Apple revolution. Plans for a possible Apple shop in the UAE in the coming months, will even better news for Apple addicts, as many complain of the massive price difference between Apple prices in the Apple resellers in the across the UAE.

[Additional inputs by Rizana Shah Jahan]

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