Facebook for Business to revolutionise business

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Facebook has always considered business to be an integral part of its mission to enhance communications and because of Facebook, thousands of businesses have indeed prospered. Whether it is a new business, an established one, or a company that is looking to expand — thanks to Facebook pages, ads and real-time messaging, companies have found it comfortable to conduct and complement their business on social media channels.

Facebook for Business has its fans among many business people who freely offer their quotes about Facebook  success stories

Chris Morrison, General Manager, Honda Cars of Katy;

“Facebook helps us eliminate wasted marketing spend by focusing our ad dollars only on the people most likely to purchase a vehicle. We can now focus more attention on fewer, higher-quality leads when they walk through the door.”

Dan Slagen, Head of Paid Lead Generation, Hubspot;

“We’ve found that actively participating on Facebook has engendered a valuable, open line of dialogue between HubSpot and its interest base.”

Julie Shenkman, Co-owner, Sam’s Chowder House

“Now we have the ability to reach a broader audience and expose more potential guests to our restaurants, while engaging our current, loyal fans. With Promoted Posts, I can see exactly how people are participating with our page (sharing, posting, clicking, etc).”

Facebook for Business website revamped

Facebook’s advertising features become increasingly sophisticated over the years

Now, Facebook has decided to move forward and give way to a new version of Facebook for Business. Focusing on a fundamental aspect of business, marketing, this new site will house everything under one roof. Whether your business is new and looking for promotion — or you want expand your horizons, this new site has everything you need to set up your business on Facebook. It is currently going through its development phase and its improved features are being laid down. It is available in English right now, but Facebook says they are working to bring other languages to their Facebook for Business line.

Over last few years, social media has reached new heights for individuals, but has affected businesses too. Companies use this media not to just promote themselves, but also interact with their customers, thereby creating healthier relationships.

The power of Facebook advertising

Here’s some interesting facts about Facebook:

  • Facebook has 1.15 billion monthly active users — as of June 2013
  • 819 million (monthly total) were Facebook mobile products users, as of June 30, 2013
  • The number of Facebook users accessing via mobile is expected to rise again with the recent acquisition of Instagram
  • 699 million daily active users on average in June 2013
  • 6.35 hours are spent on Facebook desktop per person per month — almost double the amount spent on Google
  • 3.2 billion Likes and Comments every day (global total)

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Check out this infographic about how Facebook advertising can help businesses connect with, engage, and influence customers with precision and scale.

The power of Facebook advertising - Infographic
The power of Facebook advertising – Infographic


Do you have your business page on Facebook? Let us know how it has helped your business in the comments!

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