Facebook Manual: How to play it safe

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Facebook privacy
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People insist they don?t want anyone to interfere in their lives. Is it really possible given that things no longer remain private when said on a public forum? Despite strict privacy settings, it is not difficult to seek for your personal data and get access to what you’ve said on your personal page. It is not hard to imagine how long you can guard your details on social networking sites where people can seek your information via somebody else. This may lead to a situation where, your own friend will be the one who can put you in undesirable situation.

So how has hacking on social networking sites such as Facebook become a common practice today? With the increase in advancement of technology, people have become smarter, shrewder and faster. You will not even come to know and your account will be hacked within a blink of your eye. One golden rule to protect your personal information: NEVER give out your password to anyone, unless you are very sure you can trust that person or in case of an emergency.

It doesn?t take time to track something or someone on Facebook. With the increase in the number of cases of accounts being hacked today, it is definitely a matter to worry about. And yes, hacking of accounts is a legal crime, but in the end, who is to blame? You never know ? it could be a careless mistake from our side which has led this to take place. According to a Telegraph report, there are hackers who go through Facebook sites and hack accounts at least 600,000 times a day.

There are currently around 800 million members on Facebook around the world, making it world’s largest social networking. People spend around 700 billion minutes on the site per month. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, has created a majestically addictive drug which has been consumed by people all over the world, and made this world an even more smaller place to live in.

The best solution to this would be: Prevention is better than cure. Do NOT add unknown people at any cost, and keep your privacy settings strong. Facebook has set new security settings due to the increase rate in hacking of accounts, where you can be informed on your e-mails as to when and where has your account been accessed from. Please do not log into your Facebook accounts from untrusted means or proxy sites, and also make sure you don?t forget to logout after you are done.

Let?s not give anyone a chance to invade into our digital diary. Facebook was made with an intention to connect and network with people from all over the world, but despite that we should make sure it is not being misused. There is no harm in being safe than being sorry later on. So don?t let the hackers ?Poke? into your profiles and ?Spam? your personal lives. Till then, keep posting and use Facebook as a safe tool for you as well as your friends.

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