The Facebook Quiz – Discover your REAL Profile!

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Unless you have been hiding under a sand dune for the past few years, you must have got an active Facebook (FB) account.  The level of activity and usage will probably depend on your age, gender and the proximity of your desk from the manager’s office.

Your online profile and social interactions may not be a true reflection of your real self. Take the following quiz to find out what is lurking behind your persona. (For the record, this is a highly scientific method and has been certified by CERN – the institute working on the Large Hadron Collider, which also discovered the Higgs-Boson)

1. How does your typical day start?

A. Wake. Wash. Go to Work/College. At the end of the day I might check FB.
B. Wake. Check FB. Wash. Check FB. Whatever I do today, I will be on FB every now and then.
C. My day starts by counting the number of ‘Likes’ I get. It is a good day if there are more than 1000 ‘Likes’ for the picture of my cute dog I posted last night.
D. What Wake??? I was on FB the whole night! Let me go to sleep now…

2. Why do you check your FB?

A. I don’t. FB is passé and not for an elitist Twitterati like me. I can clearly express myself in less than 140 characters.
B. Find long forgotten friends. But will add to my friend list only those who don’t annoy me, or the famous ones. Preferably both.
C. Promote my ailing start-up business which hasn’t really taken off, or my online magazine which is still struggling to find readers. (*Editor’s note: Not true with Arabian Gazette!)
D. Just like you check your heart beat, I check my FB account to feel alive.

3. In an online poll on FB, What will you say is your favorite movie?

A. Jean de Florette. Because it is the only obscure French film I know about; making me sound intellectual.
B. Titanic. The only movie I really understood.
C. The Godfather. Because everyone says so…
D. The Matrix/ Inception. Since I know I am a digital projection of my biological self; or maybe I have started believing in this dream world.

4. Where are you planning to go for your next vacation? (Surprise Psychology question!)

A. Mount Everest. Where there is no data package available.
B. Crystal clear blue water. Golden white sand. A nice rustic chalet. Oh, it will make a beautiful ‘Display Picture’ on my FB !
C. As many places as possible. So that I can ‘Check In’ to FB at each of these locations and beat my pretentious friend who went to 15 different countries last summer.
D. I won’t be going since there is not a single place I haven’t seen yet. On Google Earth.

5. In the real world, when your friends meet up, what do you talk about?

A. The weather. And about my latest achievements.
B. Crib and whine about everything that is wrong with your life.
C. All of the above.
D. None of the above. There is an awkward silence as we all are on our mobile FB, and I am busy taking our group photo and posting it on my wall.

6. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the three things you wish you had?

A. Food. Water. Mirror.
B. Plane. Helicopter. Ship
C. Robinson Crusoe. Castaway. A Warm bed – to read both of these over and over again.
D. Cell Phone Tower. Laptop. FB; I will survive on the crops I grow on Farmville.


Mostly A’s: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

You are a pseudo-intellectual; masquerading as a supremely talented individual who can win the Nobel Prize and an Olympic gold in the same year. You have ‘Liked’ many scientists, economists, religious scholars etc. and this is displayed prominently on your ‘Profile Interests’ section on your FB page. But you really don’t like them because you are unable to comprehend their philosophies or ideas. When you have logged out of FB, you are a sweet person with a normal life. You have more real friends than virtual ones.

Mostly B’s: Average Joe

For you things couldn’t be simpler. Everything is black and white and you are not really bothered by the 50 shades of grey. However, people may find you a tad boring after a while. Try to change this perception by doing something silly for a change – like jumping off a cliff or deep sea diving in the Arctic.

Mostly C’s: Insurance agent/Credit card salesman

You are the kind of person who wouldn’t hesitate to sell insurance to your dying relative. The only reason you have a FB account is because it is the new buzz word in promoting your business. Before you ‘Like’ your friend’s post and leave your business card details on their wall, have you ever thought of actually reading what they have actually written? Money will run out, friends wont!

Mostly D’s: Mark Zuckerberg is God…not!

You think life did not exist before FB floated from the heavens on to earth. Every single moment of your life is captured and shared on your Wall. You could have easily been mistaken for a contestant on the reality show Big Brother (or Big Boss). You were so engrossed in this imaginary universe that you even bought shares in Facebook when it went public. Since then you have realised that just because millions of flies are attracted to garbage, you shouldn’t do the same.

So, how did you fare on Arabian Gazette’s ‘The Facebook Quiz – Discover your real profile‘. Would you agree/disagree with the results? Let us know by commenting below 🙂

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