Facebook to top the US display ad market

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According to a new study released by eMarketer; Facebook?s US advertising revenue will total roughly $2.2 billion this year. This will replace Yahoo Inc in collecting the biggest slice of the online display advertising dollars, giving Facebook a 17.7 percent share of the market for graphical display ads (compared to the 12.2 percent last year)

The researcher predicts Facebook?s U.S. display ad revenues will hit $2.19 billion this year, an 80.9% jump over 2010. Such revenues grew in the triple digits in 2009 and are projected to increase by a 31.3% from 2011 to 2012, according to eMarketer?s estimates.

While Facebook is grabbing the top ranking, David Hallerman (an analyst) says the overall market for display ads, which include banner ads, video ads and web page sponsorships, is robustly growing to the benefit of several companies.

Meanwhile, eMarketer predicts Google?s display ad business will grow by 34.4% this year, making the company a strong number three player in the category, next to Facebook and Yahoo.

Sources: REUTERS; Economic Times; World Finance

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