Fancy a Tech Toy, for an Organ?

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Peer pressure has been around for centuries. It was evident in ancient Rome, ancient Greece and also in ancient Egypt. Every civilization encountered peer pressure. In the modern world its in evident in schools, universities or even the workplace. Conforming to peers enables one to be in with the ?hip?crowd?. Experts say that teens mostly get trapped in this kind of pressure, thus leading them to engage in drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc. However peer pressure has transformed itself and is in disguise as ?tech toys.?

Being technology savvy and having the new gadgets and gizmos is the new kind of peer pressure. Teenagers are forcing their parents to buy them the latest game console, the latest mobile phone, the latest laptop etc because their friends have them. Unfortunately all parents cannot afford these toys. So how far would a teenager go to conform to his peers?

A teenager in China tried to conform to the rampant materialization of modern China has sold one of his kidneys to by his beloved tech toys. The boy identified as Zheng from Guangdong Province wanted to buy an Ipad 2 but was not able to afford it. On surf the net he found an advert posted by an agent who was willing to pay 22,000 yen ($3,500) to anyone who was willing to become an organ donor.

After negotiations, the boy travelled to the north to the city of Chenzhou in Human Province. There the kidney was removed at a local hospital on April 28 which required an additional 3-day stay due to complications stemming from the surgery. He then returned home with one less body part but a shiny new iPad 2 (or iPhone 4) and a laptop.

Naturally his mother grew suspicious when she saw the new toys and confronted him about it. Finally the boy broke down and confessed the whole thing.

She took the boy back to Chenzhou and reported the crime to the police. The hospital admitted to contracting out its urology department to a private businessman in Fujian, but denied that it performed surgery on the teen. To make matters worse, law enforcement has been unable to get in contact with the three agents the boy contacted through the online advertisement.

Zheng’s health is deteriorating day by day, and his mother said she hopes she will be able to find the criminals who disabled her son.

Such a sad incident. Friends are an important part of growing up, children may not always make the right decisions. It?s the duty of the parents to educate children of peer pressure and the dangers it may pose.

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