Ferrari World, Is it geared for you?

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The opening of Ferrari World generated a lot of buzz in the UAE, not just because of the prestigious brand but because there have been no new theme parks in the country for years. Located on Yas Island, the park is in close proximity to Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents. General admission for adults is AED 225, well above international standards. As with all things in UAE, there is also a premium admission option, available for AED 495, which allows you to skip queues. So is Ferrari World really worth all that moolah?

Ferrari World has 21 attractions. 6 of these are for kids. 8 attractions are either some form of movie, a display of sorts or live performance. That brings us down to 5 attractions, the ones that count if you are a rollercoaster buff. For one the remaining 5 attractions, Scuderia Challenge, you have to pay an additional AED 75 on top of the AED 225 you already paid. That being said, this thrilling ride replicates the experience of driving an F1 car on the Yas Marina Circuit. Another one of these attractions, the V12, has been closed for months.

So that leaves us with 3 attractions. G force shoots you up 62m into the air so you can feel the acceleration ruse of an F1 car and offers a fantastic view of Yas Island. Fiorano GT challenge involves 2 rollercoasters moving side by side on an outdoor track. You can enjoy this rollercoaster ride with your less adventurous friends or even your grandmother for that matter.

So why is there so much hype about Ferrari World? Formula Rossa. The world’s fastest rollercoaster does not disappoint. Get your adrenaline going as you accelerate up to 240kmh in under 5 seconds. This ride is so fast that you will need safety goggles and perhaps a new set of lungs once you are done screaming.

Verdict: If you are rollercoaster buff seeking upside down rides, give it a miss. If you are a car enthusiast looking for impressive displays it might be worth the visit.

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