Look fit in virtual trial rooms and buy the best bet

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Customers enter their body measurements online, and the robot mannequin follows suit. Photo - 029h.info

Every woman likes shopping. The revolution of online shopping os bringing her the choice to avoid busy shops, surly sales executives and long waits for changing rooms. Shopping with Jen, a lovely friend of mine, is fun but also tough time as she is very particular about the fitting of the clothes she chooses to buy.

Good news for people like Jen who can simplify their shopping experience. A complete store where you can measure your body dimensions and find out the perfect size is coming to the market near you soon. Few retail chains in the US have already introduced the technology in their stores.

How about a virtual instructor who assists you in different ways and gives you the perfect measurement for your dress? Definitely there is someone out there who can transform your shopping experience.

Asaf Moses, co-founder of one such technology company from?Germany, UPcload, claimed within three minutes his system generates measurements as accurate as a tailor.?Moses said the technology is like a friend who suggests the best wear for you.

“It captures everything that a tailor needs to stitch for you,” the founder added.

Online shopping is one of the best bet for everyone with recent reports predicting the trend would increase 15 per cent as the holiday season heats up. People buying apparels online routinely face troubles of finding the right size. Several technology companies have come up with many ways to size themselves up at home and buy their most favourite clothing online.

?The system takes just three minutes and gives the accuracy in measurement as measured by a tailor,? the German entrepreneur said.

The supporting retailers will also be able to access measurements one chooses. Moreover, there is ?fits.me? online store which has virtual fitting rooms with robotic mannequins. Thanks to the virtual technology, one can find the perfect fit by using robotic mannequins with dimensions same as a virtual fitting room.

“Robots are fantastic tool to see how garments look on different sized human bodies,??said Heikki Haldre, co-founder and CEO of the Estonia-based company.

“When the customer goes online to see the garment on their body measurements, they are seeing one of those pre-recorded images,” Haldre added.

Other companies like Thomas Pink and Ermenegildo Zegna are also using online virtual fitting rooms for their online customers.

Haldre insisted users of the new technology are almost 10 times more likely to place an order. For all the fashionistas, Meemee.me is the new?fashion website that helps you create your own avatar by entering your vital stats.

On this website, not only you get to see how the dress fits, but also get a second opinion by saving your choice online and send it to a friend via Facebook or email. Once you are happy with the fitting, you can chose ?wear it with? option while checking out other clothes available in the online store. For all the brand cautious people out there, this online store also focuses on the upcoming brands like Sugarhill boutique, Maggie & me, Religion, Junk food, and Goldie and Motel.

Tailor Store is a company based in Sweden which follows similar kind of retailing techniques. The store dresses customers in customised clothing with online made-to-measure wear which specifically gives the choice to choose the buttons on the shirt, quality of cloth to be used and also a wide range of stitching patterns.

Tech savvy men definitely have more reasons to smile than women as the innovation of online virtual trial rooms completely avoids inconveniences such as searching parking spaces in busy shopping malls, waiting for changing room turns, and making awkward quick decisions to choose what looks better on them as they will have plenty of time to decide. Women are also pretty happy to explore more through online stores about the best sizes and help their quest to look glamourous than ever.

(By Manasa Kesiraju; Edited by Moign Khawaja)

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