Fitbit Versa 3 Review – The Best Value for Money Smartwatch Just Got Even Better

Fitbit Versa 3 review
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Fitbit over the years has been making huge strides in the wearables industry by offering products with innovative features and incredibly affordable prices. The last device I reviewed from them the ‘Fitbit Charge 4’ was something I thought was a bang for the buck. 

his year, Fitbit’s new line of devices are the flagship ‘Sense’ smartwatch, the premium ‘Versa 3’ and the affordable yet a monster by itself the ‘Inspire 2’ 

But our main focus today is the Versa 3 so let’s get right into it.


  1. 1.58 inch (336×336) AMOLED Display 
  2. 6+ Day Battery Life with Fast Charging 
  3. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Support 
  4. 20+ Goal Based Exercises 
  5. Support for Third Party Apps like Uber, Spotify, TRX 
  6. Menstrual Health Tracking 
  7. Fitbit Pay 
  8. Measure SPO2 through dedicated watch face 


  • Built in speaker and mic 
  • Very Comfortable to Wear 
  • Display has good visibility in direct sunlight 
  • Plethora of Health Metrics 
  • Support for wider variety of watch bands 
  • Sleep Tracking 
  • Active Zone Minutes 


  • Slightly more expensive from last year’s Versa 2
  • Touch-screen is a little finicky 
  • Solid state function button is a hit or miss 
  • Not a lot of banks in the UAE support Fitbit Pay 
  • Lack of Stress Tracking 


As far as the design goes, the Fitbit Versa 3 sports a slightly larger display from last year’s Fitbit Versa 2 model. Once you wear the watch you notice the slight improvement in ergonomics making it far more comfortable to wear for long hours. The watch looks very similar to the flagship Sense Watch so that definitely add a premium feel to the whole thing. 

Fitbit offers the Versa 3 in three different colors, Pink Band with a soft gold case, black band with a black case and a navy bank with a soft gold case. 

Software and Performance 

The user-interface does require a bit of learning curve after Fitbit revamped the entire system with OS 5.0. But once you get a hang of it, it’s actually a pretty efficient way of getting around different functions of the smartwatch. 

In-built apps load almost instantaneously and third party apps like Spotify work a lot faster than before. 

The Fitbit app is by far one of the best health apps I’ve used on my smartphone. It’s incredibly fluid and so easy to use. You get all the information you want that is synced from your smartwatch in one go and the app also gives you the option to manually log data like Water intake and Calorie counter making it the ultimate fitness companion. 

Fitbit Premium 

Lucky for all of you, Fitbit offers a 90 day trial of their Fitbit Premium Service with the purchase of every Versa 3 smartwatch. You get far more personalized insights into your health to help you stay more active. 

The Fitbit Premium is offered in both a monthly and yearly plan and is something we at Arabian Gazette highly recommend to take your fitness goals to another level. 

Some of the features included in the plan 

  1. Advanced Insights into your health metrics 
  2. Stress and Mindfulness
  3. Sleep Tools 
  4. Games and Challenges 
  5. Various Workout and Guided Programs 

Fitness Tracking 

The Versa 3 can track almost every single type of workout thanks to its SmartTrack Functionality which automatically recognizes and records them for you. But more than anything, the built in GPS feature is what I truly found game-changing for me as I no longer needed to have my phone around to record the location data. 

When it come to reviewing products, I make sure I use the devices as my daily driver so I get a better understanding of all the functionalities and with Fitbit it was no different. I wore my swanky new Fitbit Versa 3 and rode my cycle for about 36.58 KM just to see how accurately it captured all the data. 

The verdict? It was brilliant. The route map was accurately recorded along with my speed at different areas. I could see the fluctuations in my heart beat and the average speed I was riding my bike at. Better yet, the Active Zone functionality just gives you more reasons to push yourself to the limits. 

Battery Life 

With all these features, wouldn’t that mean the battery would barely last a day? Wrong. Though it didn’t last 6 days as claimed, I was able to push it for 5 days after which it died sometime in the afternoon. But 5 days is still a lot with heavy usage especially with the GPS tracking enabled and unlike the Apple Watch which only lasts a day, this just made Apple look like a joke. 

OS 5.1 

Last week Fitbit released the OS 5.1 update to their new line of smartwatches adding a ton of important features like Google Assistant Support, the ability to answer calls from your Versa 3 itself and finally you can also have a look at your device activation date which should come in handy for warranty purposes.

Overall Verdict 

Would I recommend the Versa 3? Absolutely. It’s got all the features you need for a fully functional smartwatch. During these unprecedented times of working at home, we could all use a virtual companion who would allow us to maintain our fitness goals and push us to our limits. 

The wide variety of fitness programs the premium subscription model offers means that there is a program for anybody who wants to start their fitness regime from a beginner to an athlete level of fitness enthusiast. 

The Fitbit Versa 3 is currently available at all leading retailers in the UAE for AED 999


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