Forsaken by destiny

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Image – The Salvation Army World Service Office

“We traced our path of roses; not realising,

The twilight’s shadow closing in.

Until the fallen leaves, and stench of roses

Permeated our collective destinies.”


She was in her early 20’s when smuggled from Guatemala to the US, with  promise of employment opportunities. The journey from her small town to the Texas border took 26 days. From there she was taken to a safe house near Houston and then to Tampa. She was  moved once again to a house in Jacksonville. An enforcer of human trafficking operation there, told her that the debts she owed had jumped from $5,000 to $30,000. He said she’d have to pay back by selling her body.

Maria, 20, Guatemala – Cross border human trafficking and flesh trade victim~


At an age where she should have been playing with dolls and friends in narrow Kathmandu lanes, the wide-eyed little girl was instead sold by her father to a Mumbai brothel. She was taken away at the tender age of nine, never to return home. Losa came from a very poor family,she had  seven siblings. Her parents could not afford a girl. She was sold to a procurer at a bus station in Kathmandu. Along with several other girls, she was promised a ‘joyride’ to a big city like Mumbai. When she reached Mumbai, they took her to the infamous ‘Red Street’. The group of girls were taken to a run down, poorly-lit building and sold for Rs.40,000  ($700) to a brothel owner. There they painted her face , made her wear  pretty clothes and was “gifted” to strange men. She missed her family and her beautiful mountain home. She cried so much until there were no more tears to be shed and then,stopped blaming  gods for her cruel destiny.

Losa, 9, Nepal – Cross border human trafficking and flesh trade victim~


She was a typical 16-year-old girl in suburban Pensacola, Florida. Her horror began when a new high school female friend invited her to come around for a sleepover. Newell’s mother didn’t like the idea but after much cajoling by her daughter, she relented. Her friend’s father took them to a house and left them there. She was given a spiked drink after which she blacked out and got raped several times. ~

~Shauna Newell, 16, Florida – Abduction and rape victim~


She was a woman with thin eyebrows, chiselled  face,  and long legs ;stunning by any standards. Katya was a teenager who came from a village in northern Moldova. Everything changed one day when her boyfriend “arranged” for a waitress’s  job for her  in Portugal and “promised to build a life together”. As any teenager in love, she bought the dream and agreed to do as per her “lover’s” instructions. He planned her trip, paid the airfare, drove her to Odessa, and then put her on a plane to Lisbon. She met one of his contacts there, who told her that the waitress’s  job was not available anymore. He changed plans and offered to take her to Dubai instead where a “world of opportunities” was awaiting the young beautiful girl. He seemed trustworthy; so she flew with him to the UAE. At the airport in Dubai, a woman from Uzbekistan came to receive her and took  her to an apartment where she was sold to an Arab. Her passport was confiscated by the  woman who  already had six other Moldovian women captive, who  worked  as call girls in discos, paying off their travel debts owed to their “madame”. Their clients were mostly Arabs and Russians. She spent months in Dubai, on and off the street, in and out of jail. It took the authorities more than a year to identify and finally deport her back to Moldova.

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