France 24 new format: Liberty, Equality, News

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France 24, the French international TV channel, has a new signature, “Liberty, Equality, News” recalling the official motto of France, which is; “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”

France 24 press conference
France 24 TV offered a different perspective on international news since 2006 and has launched a new format with “Liberty, Equality, News” as the new motto.

The French international news channel France Global Media Group (which also includes radio RFI and MCD) reached the symbolic 250 million households connected on five continents in 2013, and boasts an average weekly audience of 41.7 million viewers (in 55 countries out of 177), 14 million visits (30%), 6.5 million followers on social networks, and 7 million videos viewed each month within its new media universe.

Since its launch in 2006, facing well-established competition, France 24 TV channel offered a different perspective on international news with a new technological and human model. France 24 launched a new look in December 2013 with the signature, “Liberty, Equality, News” as its new motto.

“France Media World” group’s CEO, Marie-Christine Saragosse embarked upon a new strategic plan at the end of 2012, supported by all the teams of the group.

The plan includes editorial strategy and distribution for each channel, was developed over a period of three years (2013-2015), and will soon be signed under the “Contract of Objectives and Means” between the group and the French government. However, this will not be implemented until the approval of the official parliamentary institution and the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) which is a French institution created in 1989 whose role is to regulate the various electronic media in France, such as radio and television, including censorship. The new agreement between France 24 and the CSA provides France 24 with better exposure on French territory and a partial distribution on Paris TNT in France.

From December 12 onward, viewers of France 24 in French, English and Arabic will discover new channels as a result of changes which were rumoured since January and again in June. The international news channel has designed new parallel marketing in order to facilitate better brand loyalty.

It has strengthened the emphasis directly with a new tranche of information in morning, mid-day and evenings, and its newspapers are extended in duration. In one year, the chain has tripled their reportage and France 24 reporter Romeo Langlois was awarded the Albert London Prize.

France 24 moved swiftly to capitalise on the chaos of the Arab Spring, and quickly increased its market share.

During the Arab uprisings that erupted in Tunisia and then Libya and Egypt, some other news channels revealed gaps in information processing, displaying bias or propaganda in the form of distorted images. Al Jazeera and Al Arabia chains lost viewers in favour of France 24, Sky News and BBC channels, according to Mohamed El- Oifi, Arab media specialist at the University of La Sorbonne in Paris.

In the Middle East, the Arab Spring events have reinforced the success of France 24 that has recorded an increase in 2011 of 61 percent of its audience in the region. The TV channel is now watched by 29 percent of opinion leaders on average, each week.

Thus the Arabic version of France 24 — in particular in Tunisia, is aware that the speed of implementation is the key success of any future, with the new language versions.

In March 2011, TNS Sofres ranked the public TV channel France 24 the 5th-most popular, behind the international channels Wataniya, Al Jazeera, Hannibal and Al Arabiya. The French media was watched by 57.4 percent of the panel, well ahead of BBC Arabic (7th with 9.5%). France 24 is the TV channel that has benefited the most from events in Tunisia. Some 46.9 percent of respondents said they did not watch the France 24 before the protests began. The TV channel took advantage of this new position to deploy Arabic language 24 hour news. See;

Media strategy pays off, consolidating the position of the Arab worlds key news source.

With this new appointment, France 24 affirms its commitment to the human dimension at the heart of its antennas. The new magazines are committed to offer the necessary perspective for a better understanding of global issues and defend all the freedom, independence and pluralism of information, the confrontation of opinions or the equality of women and men. Among the many new features, “Return Ticket” returns each weekend to a city that made the headlines and was traumatised by war, natural or industrial disaster — to testify to the life of its inhabitants today.

From December 14, Courant (Current) speak now in three languages each week to those who make a world still dominated by men.

France 24 says its multimedia dimension and new website online since December 12, now include the news channel within its pages and the website will fit all screens for optimal navigation on all devices (computers, tablets and mobile), with innovative and highly functional horizontal navigation.

Social networks are fully integrated so that viewers can fully interact and participate in discussions of ideas. The chain has also launched a new mobile application with responsive design.

In addition to providing greater clarity in the structure of its programs, it seeks to highlight Paris, France, from which France 24 speaks to the world.

An entire communication campaign has been designed with news images of the Agence France Presse working on all continents with continuous disclosure as a French public service channel.

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