How many gadgets can you possibly carry?

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Contrary to popular belief, tablets were not invented by Steve Jobs/Apple. Pre-historic men used stone tablets in their caves to post messages in weird hieroglyphics and to play sudoku. It came with its own set of chisel and hammer and there was never a question of battery life. However, only the Incredible Hulk and Tarzan were able to carry it around…

Fast-forward to the late 1980s, we witnessed a mini-revolution and the laptop was born. It gave people the ultimate power – to play games like solitaire and mine sweeper on-the-go. It also allowed the sales and marketing people to take their boring power point presentations right in your face. But it was definitely the dawn of the new age of computing and words like ‘mobility’ and ‘portability’ were introduced in Encyclopaedia Britannica (now defunct).

The earlier laptop models were quite ‘unhealthy’ and weighed a few kilos. Manufacturers started to put them on a diet and leaner, thinner versions started cropping up. New terminologies like Netbooks and Ultra-books were introduced to describe these machines. The race to ‘size zero’ is still on.

For a brief period of time before the full advent of cell phones, there were a few laughable mobile devices like Personal Desktop Assistants (PDAs) and Pagers. PDAs were basically fancy Casio calculators with a few extra buttons which usually did nothing. The less said about the Pagers the better. It was a one-way communication tool and the only people who really took to it were wives who found it to be a novel way to harass their husbands, without any of the feedback. This inspired male scientists to put an extra effort and invent the mobile phone earlier than we had anticipated…

We have come a long way from the text & call only cell phones to the fully ‘Facebook integrated’ gadgets. Sadly fewer people actually talk on their phones nowadays and instead prefer either tweeting or instant messaging (IMing). But looking at the brighter side of things, more and more people are communicating with each other and technology has transgressed age, gender and borders.

So the question which comes to mind is: How many of these mobile devices do you need to carry to be connected? A geek going on a vacation will need his laptop, cell phone, mp3 music player, tab, headsets and plenty of cables to hook up a small space-station. These are just the basic stuff he needs to ‘function’ normally. You could probably do away with all these and use only your basic smart phone so that you can still wear your skin-tight jeans without any unwanted bulges.

The gadgets of tomorrow could be radically different from what you own now. You might not actually need to physically carry one with you. It could be inside you either as an implanted chip or maybe you could swallow an e-pill (without it being ejected of course!). This device is then integrated with all of your five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. So the next time you go to a fancy restaurant and like the ambience and food, you wink 3 times and the digital image is automatically captured, stored and shared on social networking sites like Facebook. You can even share the taste and texture of the food with your fellow cyborg beings. The possibilities are endless!

Feel like Alice in Wonderland? Wait for the next article where we will delve into the future of gadgets and see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

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