Gamification coming to the Middle East

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Dubai-based Gamified Labs, the first to setup a full-fledged Gamification company

Now, “The Gamifiers” announces exclusive partnership with Badgeville.

Gamification scene in the Middle East heats up – with the ad agency “The Gamifiers” announcing the start of official operations from Dubai, through an Exclusive Partnership with Badgeville in the region’s key markets.

In September 2012, Ahmed EL Rayes, a serial entrepreneur and a London Business School Alumni, launched the region’s first gamification agency, Dubai-based Gamified Labs. El Rayes explains that he realized “the massive potential and benefits that gamification can bring to society whether in education, marketing or HR related activities”. He further explains that he got his inspiration after being part of the Games for Change Summit that was held in New York in 2012, whose mission was to highlight the educational benefits of games, how games can be designed to help in creating a better tomorrow, and how game design techniques and mechanics can be effectively utilized in non-gaming contexts such as HR and Education.

And now, “The Gamifiers” – another Digital Agency into Gamification in the Middle East, announced the start of official operations from Dubai through an Exclusive Partnership with Badgeville in the region’s key markets. Badgeville is the number one behavior management platform and the global leader in Gamification.

The Engagement Economy: How gamification is reshaping businesses

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non-gaming contexts. The uses of Gamification are many and not bound to a specific industry or type of business.  Engagement, Motivation and Influencing of Human Behavior are key elements that can be attached to any industry, whether targeting a final consumer of a brand, a user of a portal or an application, or internally facing employees within an Enterprise. Badgeville enables the world’s most innovative businesses to measure and influence user behavior, which is what “The Gamifiers” are bringing to the region.

Sherif Dahan; “We’re very excited to be pioneering Gamification in the Middle East. Through our partnership with Badgeville, we’re bringing the best platform for behavior management and Gamification worldwide today. Through the social, reputation and game mechanics of the platform coupled with strong analytics, we empower brands, Portals and enterprises to build top-notch tailored gamified solutions.” — Sherif Dahan, Founder and Managing Partner of “The Gamifiers” – the Dubai Based Agency.

While gamification sounds like a new term and trend, its growth rate is phenomenal and it’s already fast becoming an integral component of top brands marketing and advertising strategies.

Anthony Nemelka; “We’re excited to have our Middle East debut with “The Gamifiers” we see the value they bring with regional expertise and local knowledge that complement our platform offering and strong team at Badgeville. Brands, Portals and Enterprises in the Middle East are no different than their counterparts in the U.S. and Europe already seeing great results from their deployed programs on the Badgeville Platform. We look forward to seeing a large number of those businesses embracing gamification in the near future.” —  Anthony Nemelka, Badgeville VP of Business Development.

As per Gartner – the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company – by 2016, Gamification will be an essential element for brands and retailers to drive customer marketing and loyalty. By 2015, 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations will use Gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations and 50 percent by 2017 will use it for learning and recruitment purposes. Spending on Gamification is projected to reach more than USD 2.5 billion by 2015 in the U.S. alone as per M2Research.  This sets gamification up to be one of the fastest growing advertising trends in the next five years.

Marketers are not only looking to acquire new customers, but also to retain them over time and turn them into loyal customers.  Gamification is proving to be a strong enabler to marketers throughout those stages.  Rates of engagement on social media with brands that spend millions of dollars on pages and apps remain unsatisfying in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). Gamification boosts those levels of engagement and boosts loyalty to record levels.

Sherif Dahan; “Our Partnership with Badgeville is based on a solid belief that they have the Best Gamification Platform and offering in this industry. Our team of talents will join hands with Badgeville’s Behavior Scientists and top notch game/program designers to deliver state-of-the-art Gamification solutions to advertisers, enterprises and web portals across the Middle East. Badgeville cumulative experience having worked with more than 250 world leading companies, all top of their respective industries, adds great value to every new customer choosing the Platform.”

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