Gamification set to increase corporate growth in 2014

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Since Ahmed EL Rayes launched Dubai’s first gamification agency in 2012 several other agencies have followed suite and gamification has grown at a rapid rate. Encouraged by the global acceptance of social networking and social software driving business, leading companies within the Middle East have embraced gamification and incorporated it into operations.

One of the best quotes on understanding Gamification is by Gabe Zichermann, co-author of Gamification by Design, who said:

“if you can make something more fun, and include notions of play, you can get people to do things they otherwise might not want to do.”

Corporations across the Middle East have extensively used gamification over the last year to address lack of user engagement within the corporate entity and the marketplace. The broad spectrum use of gamification within business has seen it covering a variety of industry verticals including manufacturing, HR and education and it has been used to drive ROI and growth. Gamification has also enabled improved business collaboration which has been instrumental in maximising the output of certain ventures.

For the Middle East, enterprise gamification has been a bit like hitting the jackpot at Lucky Nugget casino as the massive penetration into the mobile market had seen a shift in the way people communicate and interact. Corporations have been searching for a tool that could boost levels of engagement and get employees and stakeholders more involved with business; and gamification offered the ideal response.

At the recent PHD Brainscape Conference in Dubai it was agreed that gamification is one of the most popular methods of creating engagement amongst a work force and that its methodology is extensively aiding corporate growth across the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Over the next five years it’s expected that enterprise gamification will witness rapid growth and at present, gamified sales applications are the most popular of all enterprise solutions. These sales applications are used for both motivating a sales team and to ensure customer satisfaction is at its optimum in various sales motives. Gamification applications for HR and recruiting are also becoming increasingly popular and many integrate with social networking to determine compatibility and suitability for employment or work environments.

The Middle East is fast becoming one of the biggest users of gamification in the workplace and a vast majority of tier one companies are already using available systems to increase production and drive growth. It’s predicted by 2015, 50% of organisations internationally will use some sort of gamification and that by 2016 an average of $2.6 billion will be spent on gamification per annum and the Middle East is already leading in numbers.

INFOGRAPHIC: The folks at Demand Metric has a neat Infographic titled ‘The Business of Gamification’ describes how gamification works including the five common mechanics and four main ways to drive engagement.

The Business of Gamification -Infographic
The Business of Gamification -Infographic
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