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SteelSeries close-up
SteelSeries close-up. Image :supplied

MSI’s Gaming Notebook with Steelseries Keyboard

DUBAI, UAE – September 23, 2012 – MSI worked together with Steelseries, a peripheral manufacture that focuses only on gaming accessories such as mice and keyboards. Together, they set out to ease the pain of gamers and to avoid the problem of hitting wrong nearby keys.

Apart from repositioning the “Windows function key”, their goal is to also enlarge the “Ctrl” key. This will reduce the possibility of any interruption and increase the gameplay efficiency for FPS gamers.

Killer Features

  • Three zones can be illuminated in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.
  • Full color backlight LED management with more than 1,000 color combinations and five different scenario modes for the keyboard.
  • Exclusive keyboard position and golden triangle layout to offer faster and longer-lasting keyboard action.
  • Improved resilience and tactile feedback of each and every key.
  • Supports simultaneous pressing of multi keys, allowing users to issue commands rapidly and respond to games with killer precision.
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