Garry Kasparov: Man Vs Machine

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Garry Kasparov was in Dubai as a Keynote speaker for ?’IBM Software day’, an event managed by IDC.

It is apparent that Garry has befriended his one-time foe, Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer from IBM. Now, he is more of a Brand ambassador for IBM, attending their?conferences?worldwide as the Keynote speaker. Garry engaged his audience with philosophical and thought provoking questions supported with ample statistics.

He quoted Pablo Picasso who once said, a computer can only answer questions but never ask an insightful question, sees this as? one of the biggest distinction between a creative human and and a brute force computing power. Garry sees computers as ‘weak’, regardless of their superior computing?power. During his encounter with Deep Blue, which was termed as a Man Vs Machine contest, he was denied access to the Algorithm on how Deep Blue functioned. During the question hour, he said probably if he had access to the Deep Blue Algorithm, he would have been better equipped to beat Deep Blue.

He now proposes to make the Man Vs Machine equation into more of a complimentary relationship than a competition. Deep Blue, as per him could do one task brilliantly. But, the latest project from IBM, code named ‘Watson‘, which recently won the Jeopardy contest in the US, can do many tasks brilliantly. As per Garry, ‘Watson’ project is on the right direction in what he say is the Ultimate in computing which is, understanding Natural language questions, process it in a contextual way, find answers and explain it to human.

Garry introduced ‘Advanced Chess‘ or ‘Cyborg Chess’ is a relatively new form of chess, wherein each human player uses a computer chess program to help him explore the possible results of candidate moves. The human players, despite this computer assistance, are still fully in control of what moves their “team” (of one human and one computer) make.

Now, when computers become so powerful the question remains whether if it will one day replace humans. He suggests an exercise; ?to think and list the tasks that you undertake as part of your job and see tasks can be done by a computer. If the answer is yes, then probably you are in a bit of a problem !







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