GCC nations among the fattest in the world

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Young Qatari men having a fast food meal at a mall. Photo – nickandjoce.blogspot.com

Which are the world’s fattest nations? You probably dodn’t need Google to find out that USA, home to many fast food and dessert chains, topped the list. However, you might have been surprised to learn that 4 GCC countries made the top 10 list. The list includes Kuwait at number 2, Qatar at number 3, UAE at number 5, and Bahrain at number 10.

The report said that hot weather is a major contributing factor to the level of obesity in the GCC nations as many people are discouraged from engaging in outdoor exercise due to high temperatures and extreme humidity. Long working hours further contribute to encouraging people to adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Poor public transport facilities and the easy availability of delivery services also discourage people from taking the short walks they may have taken if living in another nation.

However, diet also plays a significant role in the GCC obesity problem. Fast food chains from all over the world can be found at malls across the GCC. Large portions of food are served at low prices, encouraging residents to eat more than they should. The average calorie intake per person in the UAE is 3017, Qatar is 3007, Kuwait is 2982 and Bahrain is 2889. The recommended calorie intake for the average adult is 2000.

Other countries that made the top 10 list include Greece, Argentina, Trinidad & Tobago, Egypt, and Croatia. On the flip side, North Korea is the slimmest nation in the world, with the average weight under 50 kg per person.

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