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Glam Street International
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In the UAE’s busiest city, Dubai, women make up more than one-third of the workforce. With an average of over sixty work hours per week, it is no surprise that work-life balance for females can be a struggle. But can women do to balance their busy routines with necessary regular downtime?

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Dubai-based, Pakistani entrepreneur, Sana Khan, probed this question till she found an answer. “I observed that everyone, especially women have very fast-paced lives in Dubai. Often, female entrepreneurs, executives or business leaders juggle between family, fitness routines, office work, and meetings! To succeed in this city, women must always multi-task. I wanted to implement an innovative concept that caters to the growing demand for multi-purpose spaces. I decided to change the way ladies’ salons are perceived globally and launched Glam Street International.”

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Glam Street International In 2016, Sana successfully introduced a one-stop solution salon for ladies. “This is more than a salon; Glam Street is a space where beauty meets business.” – she said.

Today, just two years later, Glam Street International is a well-known brand. The salon’s Dubai branch, based in Jumeirah Lake Towers, boasts spacious, garage-style detailed interiors. Inside the salon, classic red-brick walls create a cheerful, inviting ambiance, and add to the unique experience.

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Along with insta-worthy service stations and a delightful menu of delicious tea and coffee, Glam Street has an impressive metal drum-themed work corner. Fully equipped with sockets to recharge any tech devices, the corner is a great solution for women who work around the clock. Mostly, Sana sits in the work corner herself, taking care of her emails as she oversees the staff.

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When discussing the concept of Glam Street International with Arabian Gazette, the entrepreneur and salon manager, Sana, said – “It is proven that people make snap judgments based on appearance. In the business world, while your knowledge and expertise define your credibility, there is also no doubt that well-groomed continues to be a permanent dress code. For me, it is very important that as soon as clients step into Glam Street, they feel empowered. Along with the unparalleled services we offer, our clients enjoy the concept. Whether they want to work between their treatments, sit back and enjoy great coffee or network with like-minded individuals, they can do everything here at ease.”

By all accounts, it is refreshing to finally have a salon in Dubai that offers more than just regular beauty services to ladies. It is also interesting to observe more entrepreneurs introduce solutions that facilitate the busy lifestyles of females in Dubai.

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