Global Carmakers Going Green in Delhi Auto Expo

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Delhi Auto Expo 2012 has geared up to unveil around 50 new models of both national and international car and motorcycle manufacturers, many of them eco-friendly. There will also be fuel efficient and new SUV car models that will be unveiled later during the event.

Some of the global carmakers, including India’s Mahindra & Mahindra will debut its South Korea’s Ssangyong, along with Toyota Motor Corp and Renault will be launching their hybrid cars in the show.  Maruti’s popular model Swift hatchback will be the next hybrid model that will be showcased during the expo.

“The overwhelming feeling is that this current sales slowdown is a temporary phenomenon and global carmakers are certainly battling on India to bounce back. There is no slacking of interest here,” R.C Bhargava, Chairman of Maruti Suzuki said.

“Everybody is working hybrid, fuel efficient and green technology vehicles. There is an exciting race to find a small, cheap hybrid car for India, which will certainly be a winner,” he also added.

Jaguar Land Rover, which is now owned by Tata Motors have skipped North American International Auto Show in Detroit, to entirely focus on India’s car event, while Ford Motors will be doing its world’s first announcement.

Car Sales VS India Economy

As the Indian economy is cooling down at bit, there are still signs of stagnant growth in car sales which is a good sign for Indian and global car makers. However, car sales grew 30 percent in the fiscal year to end March 2011.

However, as hike in interest rates has made small car segment makers like Tata, General Motors and Fiat to suffer because most first time buyers stick to motorcycles as vehicle.

Meanwhile, The Society of Indian Automobile Manufactures will be announcing its new growth outlook for the industry in the expo, a month after they said there would likely be no growth in 12 months to end-March.

Last year, Japan’s Suzuki Motors which owns Maruti’s 54.2 percent shares had to suffer $500 millions lost in its total production due to labor strike which had hit small cars and petrol car models.

However, Tata, Mahindra and Hyundai have seen a jumping sales in all its new model, while diesel have soared at the same period thanks to government subsidies which made the fuel about $0.40 per liter cheaper then petrol.


The 11th Auto Car Expo will witness the launch of new SUV and electric concept cars by leading car makers. Maruti Suzuki India will be unveiling its XA Alpha concept SUV while Hyundai will be showcasing its new Sonata along with its multi-purpose concept car Hexa Space.

German giant automobile company, Volkswagen has launched its SUV model Touareg along with concept hybrid car XL.

“The new Touareg will have more efficient engine body and is light in body with more aerodynamic. It is the first in its class,” Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member of Volkswagen, said.

US carmaker Ford Motors also displayed its EcoSport SUV in India for the first time. However, BMW group’s Mini Brand also announced its India launch which is being priced for INR 3.19 million ($0.61 million).

Apart from carmakers, some Motorcycle makers like American giant Harley Davidson and Japanese giant Suzuki launched their motorbikes during the auto expo.

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