Global Tourists now a Record One Billion

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Despite the economic meltdown, people are travelling more than ever before. The Travel and Tour Industry has shown immense resilience. According to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), the Travel & Tour Industry stands unparalleled in terms of creating jobs, encouraging exports, and contributing to a Nation’s GDP growth. According to David Scowsill, President & CEO of UNTWO, the Travel and Tourism (T&T) Industry creates one in twelve  jobs on the planet.

Some of the major highlights of the report:

 – Travel & Tourism accounts for 9% of global GDP and is a key sector in driving investment and economic growth.

– $1.2 trillion in global exports

– 6% of Global Trade is from the Travel & Tourism industry sector

– Travel & Tourism industry sector accounts for 8% of exports for least developed countries, and the numbers are expected to significantly increase in the coming years.

– 1 out of 12 jobs created globally is from the Travel & Tourism industry.


 The UNTWO forecasts that the one billionth tourist arrived at their destination on 13th December,2012. The UNTWO Campaign with the Tagline “One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities” emphasizes the positive impact the Travel and Tour Industry has on the human condition. Below is an infographic that highlights the T&T Industry as it stands today.

So what are you waiting for? Get packing and get moving!




Travel & Tourism industry opportunities in the Middle East

According to the  Amadeus, world’s leading provider of IT solutions to the travel and tourism:

– $4 trillion worth projects have been announced in travel and tourism projects in the Middle East

– $2 billion people are within 2.5 hours reach by air from the Middle East

– The number of tourists to the Middle East is projected to double to 136 million by 2020, compared to 54 million in 2008

– $7 billion investments in hotel projects between 2010 and 2013

Middle East Travel and Tourism Infographic
Middle East Travel and Tourism Infographic. Image – Amadeus

Driving forces in Middle East’s Travel & Tourism industry

– Growth in Emerging economies

International air travel patterns change with the emergence of BRIC economies and growth of markets in Africa and Latin America is fueling growth in Middle Easters travel and tourism sector.

– Investment in airport and IT infrastructure

Projects worth $86 billion is earmarked for airport infrastructure in the Middle East. Dubai‘s Al Maktoum Airport is set to become the world’s largest airport by 2020.

– Middle East’s geographical position

Middle East’s unique central position connects more major global destinations via a single non-stop flight than any other hub.

Today 2 billion people are within 2.5 hours reach by air from the Middle East, the numbers are expected to reach 7 billion people by 2025.

– Investment in airlines

Middle Eastern carriers have placed nearly half of all orders for the new Airbus A380. Boeing, in its latest forecast has said that the Middle East will require 2,370 new airplanes worth an estimated $470bn, over a 20-year period from 2012 to 2031.

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