Google Plus to Challenge Facebook in Brand Ads

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Google +, the newest and by far the best competitor to the top-most social networking platform Facebook, is raking in users at a tremendous rate. It?s currently working hard to gather advertising dollars.

Though it is still in its early days, Google+ has shown signs of keen user engagement, according to statistics rattled off by none other than Google CEO Larry Page during the company’s second-quarter earnings call.

Google+ has over 10 million users and rising. Since the search giant has reopened invites since July 10, Google+ users are sharing over 1 billion items each day. Moreover, users are clicking the +1 recommendation button 2.3 billion times a day.

“We’ve been really excited about Google+ really improving the overall experience like how you would share in real life,”?Page said on the earnings call. “And we’re getting great reviews on that. And there’s a lot of magic built into the product that exposes that.”

Don?t connect to Michael!

According to?International Business Times, Facebook removed a user-created ad that invited people to connect with its creator on Google+. Web developer Michael Lee Johnson suggested anyone “lucky enough” to be in Google’s field trial should add him to his or her circles — before the ad was pulled.

Facebook ads?allow any user of the site to create advertisements that target people based on location, age and interests for fairly reasonable rates. But its?advertising guidelines?say it can remove an ad for any reason, including if it promotes a competing product or negatively affects Facebook’s business or relationship with its users.

It appears that Google+ is a beast that Facebook can’t ignore.

The new service, which is still in a field trial, will likely become a force to be reckoned with. It’s no surprise that Facebook’s war against the service just got hotter.

Boosting business experience

Christian Oestlien, the advertising lead on Google+, has asked businesses, and other organizations not to fashion business brand pages?similar to Facebook Pages?so that Google can optimize the business-user experience.

Oestlien said on his Google+ profile page?Google is very excited about boosting the business experience with rich analytics and the ability to connect that identity to Google’s major money-making AdWords business.

While Google is actively working on fulfilling business pages demand, it is picking some of thousands of applicant companies to test out business pages on Google+ before the tech giant rolls out on a wide scale.

“We’re going to take a small group of brands, businesses and other entities and create profiles for them and see how users interact with them via circles, through the stream and even how they communicate with them through Hangouts [Google+ group video chat],” Ostelien said.

Future of ad business

A large number of users would naturally command the most advertising income.

This is what gives both Google and Facebook valuations of over US$100 billion each.

This social media war is in essence the defining battle for the future of the advertising business, and we should all be paying close attention.

In the same way that Google redefined the search business model by making ads non-intrusive, it will undoubtedly do the same in what is considered its most urgent and important?initiative.

A backwards integration of Google+ with the rest of its universe would connect not only user profiles to search results, but may also contribute heavily to a further sharpening of the algorithms that drive its contextual advertising engines, Adsense and Adwords. Add to it the mobile internet universe, and Google looks virtually invincible.

However, there are reports that another giant is also set to dive into the social networking market. According to rumour mills report, software giant Microsoft is also working on a secret project to launch a?social networking site called Tulalip.


It seems that Google+ has ruffled Microsoft?s feathers. Or was it just a coincidence that the Tulalip project was ?accidentally? leaked on the internet on last week?

It was entitled Tulalip and promised users to ??find what you need and share what you know easier than ever?. There was a page that displayed features which allowed users to connect via Facebook and Twitter, but no Google+. There were some links to ?See how it works? amongst others but they obviously didn?t work. You can see a video below showing the test page.

Much like the blushes that follow an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the ramp, Microsoft quickly removed it, with a sheepish alibi, that said: ? is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web. We didn?t mean to, honest.”

The apology maybe sincere but the timing, that?s another thing.

The name Tulalip is shared by some Native American tribes that are based near to Microsoft?s Washington headquarters.

Well they say, ?Two?s company and Three?s a crowd,? lets wait and see if this is true or could ?Three?s company? become a norm in this case.

It?s a waiting game for all!

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