Google focuses on “Glocalization”

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As Asia is becoming the biggest and fastest growing region for the internet; Daniel Alegre, Google?s President for Japan and Asia-Pacific, insists that his company is ?locally relevant.?

“We don’t see ourselves as a Silicon Valley company, we see ourselves as a Japanese company in Japan, a Singaporean company in Singapore,” he added.

Google enjoys supremacy in some countries like Vietnam, New Zealand and India, where there were no established search players. But in more sophisticated internet markets like Japan and South Korea Google does not dominate.

Though in countries such as Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Philippines, the infrastructure to access internet from home is lacking, the mobile phone explosion is facilitating a connection to the online world. According to a research study by Morgan Stanley, mobile phone will be the main means to access Internet by the year 2014. Google is taking this as its lead and is betting big on the mobile technology concentrating in Asia.

The confidence is understandable. Given its global dominance and the new users the Android operating system is drawing in, Google is still well positioned to challenge the Asian incumbents.

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