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Google Play for Education
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Google Play for Education
Google Play for Education

Google Play for Education. The revolutionary educational app is designed to make devices and software affordable for educators and students.

Google Play for Education will soon be available to schools, and was showcased at the  I/O 2013 Conference held last week at Mascone Centre, San Francisco. When the online portal launches later this year, schools can discover, purchase and distribute apps and content, in bulk, to their students with ease.

The primary goal of the Google Play educational Apps is:

  • Building a foundation of technology and access
  • To empower innovative communities
  • To make learning magical for students

By linking Nexus tablets and Google Play for Education, Google will be expanding on it’s existing educational offering. Schools can now have the ease and portability of the tablets along with student friendly, highly engaging educational resources. And whether it’s a single classroom or a thousand, schools can easily manage tablets, discover, purchase and distribute, content and apps with ease.

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The Google Educational Apps will allow students and teachers to collaborate in real-time while using familiar tools like Google Search and Gmail. Another plus is that Google’s Cloud will allow it to operate the software without incurring high costs. This makes the products accessible to the masses.

With the Google Apps, teachers will be able to search and recommend learning content by a number of criteria like category, grade level, and individual student capabilities. They will also be able to interact and recommend content by other educators. Each content that is posted will be  pre-approved by experts in the field of education, ensuring that it will be rich in quality and school-appropriate.

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