Google’s signature Chrome browser launched for Android OS

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Android phone and tablet users can now finally surf the Internet through Google’s Chrome browser as the beta version for mobile device has been launched after a long wait. Mobile users can now enjoy desktop browsing experience of Chrome browser on their handsets as well.

The new beta version of Chrome integrates seamlessly into Android OS and gives users a reason to buy handsets that use Google’s operating system. According to Google, the reason why it took so long to launch the browser is to make sure that the application will work right on the operating system.

?We didn?t want to just push Chrome light,? said Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Google Chrome. ?Our goal was to get all of Chrome onto Android.?

Presently, Android users are forced to use generic stock browser that is inferior not only to Chrome, but also for Android Market.

A blog post on Google’s Chrome website said: ?At present we are officially announcing Google Chrome for Android Smartphones.??We have made the application in such a manner that you will love it on your Android 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich either for tablets or phones. The reason we introduced Google Chrome for desktop was speed and simplicity? and it has followed the same for Android. You can easily sync and sign in with your device with your personal account and, that too, anytime, anywhere.?


Now users of Chrome browser on mobile phones and tablets can get additional perks which other Android browsers do not offer. If you are already using Chrome browser on your desktop, then your bookmarks will be synced across all browser versions after signing into your Google Account.

The mobile version is cooler because if you?ve left pages open on your laptop at any location, you can still access the same page in your handset and tablet PC. It actually saves your precious time and screen tapping.

Google insists Chrome browser is undoubtedly the fastest browser in the world and works equivalent to Google search page. From the past few years, the usage of Chrome has steadily risen and with the launch of the new Android version, the total share is expected to increase more.


However, the release of Chrome Android version has also raised some questions about the relationship that Android and Chrome teams have with each other. Initially, when Chrome team announced its operating system for Android, which will be called as Chrome OS, it was difficult to know how this browser would work on the Android.

However, Pichai thinks that there is not enough space for both operating systems. ?Chrome OS can be seen as different computing paradigm. It?s one that, end to end, is fully based on the web,? he said.

?Native mobile applications are thriving, but web apps are going to thrive as well,? he added.

Presently, Chrome for Android browser is only available for smartphones and tablets that runs Android version 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich and is included only to handful phones and tablets. However, one can not expect everything to work perfectly because it is Chrome beta for Android.

But still, Pichai is confident that the Chrome team would drop the idea of beta version later. ?After announcing Chrome the first time, we took it out of beta in three months. I?d expect this to happen here in the future,? he concluded.

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