Google to lease laptops

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?Google launches a new ?student package? whereby we plan to lease brand new chrome laptops for $20 a month?, reports a senior member of the Google family. This new package includes both hardware as well as access to several useful online features and services.

According to this senior executive?s report in the global business magazine, Forbes, such an initiative is what small scale business and other amateur entrepreneurs have been impatiently waiting for. He hinted that the ?student package? was a sort of trial scheme and depending on its success, they would eventually avail it formally to the enterprises.

As for businesses, at present, Google already provides access to its numerous online web applications and office suites such as word processor, calendar, spreadsheet application, additional e-mail storage, all for an annual fee of $50 per user account.

It is expected that in the imminent future, a pragmatic combination of such hardware and software features will be released by this corporate giant in the market for the benefit of enterprise users.

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