Google Translate vs Human Translation comparison [Infographic]

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Infographic compares the strengths of Google Translate vs Human Translation, which is still superior, and tell you when you should use when.

With the rapid development and evolution of real-time applications and information, the ability to obtain required data has become second nature. That has evolved into instant translation services offered over the Internet as well. While there are dozens of different translation services, the most commonly used remains Google Translate. Due to the popularity of Google and the free price tag, millions of people turn to Google Translate each and every day for assistance with understanding a particular word or phrase written in another language. The technology utilized by Google Translate has greatly improved over the last several years, and it is sure to continue its improvement in the years to come. Currently, however, there are advantages of the instant translation services, but when accuracy and professionalism is required, nothing has the ability, at least as of yet, to replace the skill of a human translator.

Visual Translation

The main trouble Google Translate and other software based translation services run into is the programming simply translates the text word for word. However, often different words used in conjunction with one another can alter the meaning of certain phrases or put an emphasis on other content shared in the text. While those who design Google Translate are most likely working on this element, currently it can cause major problems in a literal word-by-word translation. Due to this, the word-by-word translation can read odd, with discombobulated sentences and text that seems out of place. The general meaning can customarily be surmised, but outside of this, the software does not provide a professional translation so it should not be used for a professional task.

Audio Translation

The audio translation can also run into some problems with the software based translation technology. Not only does it translate each word, but there are certain accents it might not understand, or it may even alter the word itself, which can change the meaning of the word. Again, it is likely going to result in a general understanding of what is being said, but it is not going to offer a concrete and smooth translation of the content.

Benefits and Advantage of Translation Services

For anyone on a budget or who just needs the basic understanding of a menu, email, road sign or other content that is not in a business or professional setting, the Google Translate and other translation services should function just fine. However, a human translator has no real weakness, so if there is someone who understands both languages, they should have no problem offering a far superior translation of the text.

Infographic – Human vs Google Translation

human vs google translation

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