Google vows more tech moonshots to solve world?s biggest problems

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google solve for x
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Google announced it will hold further conferences that will seek solutions to the ?world?s biggest problems? dubbed “technology moonshots”.

Solve for X is a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork and?brings entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists together to discuss radical technology program for solving global problems.

?Moonshots live in the grey area between audacious projects and pure science fiction; they are 10x improvement, not 10%. That?s partly what makes them so exciting,? Astro Teller and Megan Smith wrote in a blog post on Googleblog.

According to the Google notes, the new technology project can be innovative that will make plants more productive, improve access to fresh water, or takes images of mind?s eye. ?Moonshots can come from anywhere, people of all ages and places, companies, academia, inspired experts, enthusiastic newcomers and often from accidental discoveries,? the post explained.

Google says that it has selected Solve for X talks on the basis of answering three major questions: Does it highlight a huge problem? Is there a concrete solution that could make a radical impact? And does it explain breakthrough science and technology that could enable this solution??

Some of the project talks are already being posted on the website

The Solve for X project is believed to be linked with Google X, company?s top secret lab which is being dedicated to shoot for stars, such as driver less cars, web connected appliance and even space elevators.

Solve for X from Google is a place where curious minds can go to hear and discuss the radical technology ideas for solving global problems. Google reckons this radical solution can help billions of people around the world and there is some real technological breakthrough on the horizon to give us all the hope that these ideas could really be brought to life.

All these combinations are the essence of moonshot. The Solve for X is a forum to encourage technology based moonshot thinking and teamwork.

Solve for X is a forum for promoting discussions and short technology rich presentations about issues relating to climate change and cancer.

The series of meeting has parallels with TED talks and also claims to bring world?s most fascinating thinkers and doers together.

Bruno Giussani, the European Director of TED conference has applauded the Google scheme and said: ?The world needs more ideas, not fewer and more commitment to sharing them freely and openly so that collectively we can test run them and turn them into reality.?

Alain de Bottom, speaker and writer of TED conference, thinks the appetite for such events ?reflects the way people want to be exposed to exciting ideas outside their discipline. It?s one of the promises of the Internet that it does provide a forum.?

If the YouTube videos on Google?s Solve for X are to be believed, the project largely underscores TED like thinktank boosting a dedicated approach aimed at radical solution for huge problem and to come up with breakthrough technology.

Meanwhile, both TED and Solve for X say they are trying to bring innovators and leading experts to dish out some great ideas for better tomorrow.

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