Green hotel adds charm to Dubai’s skyline

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Dubai’s most environmentally friendly ‘greenest’ hotel opened.

dubai green hotel Novotel
Dubai’s most environmentally friendly ‘greenest’ hotel opens. Photo-provided

After months of working by specialists, the giant “hanging garden” on the outside of the new Novotel Dubai Al Barsha is now officially open.

Fitted with a unique irrigation and plant feeding system, Dubai’s latest environmentally friendly as it is an alternative to the use of concrete and brings to light the importance of nature in a bustling city.

The hotel is covered by more than 27,000 plants covering an area of 1,200 sq. mt. as part of a six storey ‘Green Wall’ in the lower part of the building’s exterior.

Schoolchildren today helped open Dubai’s most environmentally friendly hotel – opening up the chance for thousands of other youngsters to learn about green issues at the eye-catching new city landmark.

Novotel Dubai Al Barsha general manager, Phillipe Montaubin, said: “We would love to see as many people come here to learn what we are trying to achieve with the hanging garden – not just children but adults as well.

The hotel owners hope the unique covering will give it a nice contrast to the run of the mill, ugly aluminium cladding and finishing and hopes to add beauty to Dubai’s famous Sheikh Zayed Road.

“In the last few months we have had so many people taking pictures as the outside of the hotel really stands out. Now we can explain to the public why it has been installed.

“Hotel openings are usually about being the biggest or best but we are doing something different with the hanging garden and so far the feedback has been really positive.”

The Novotel has been launched mainly for business travellers and designers have also been creating meeting rooms that help stimulate the brain through a multi flexible environment and unique offerings such as massages and ‘playrooms’ to recuperate during meeting breaks.

Mr Montaubin added: “The hanging garden really brings a calmness and fresh feel to the hotel and we have taken that approach throughout the design and ethos of the hotel”

One of the mothers who joined the tour, Mitzy Davey, said: “It is wonderful to see greenery in the city beyond the parks and now as part of the Dubai skyline. My daughter is enthralled by the plants growing down the side of the building, and will definitely start the green conversation in our household”

The Novotel Dubai Al Barsha is part of the Accor Group of hotels.

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