Guinness World Record Fireworks show Dubai, Jan 1

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Guinness World Record Fireworks Display will take place in Dubai. Dubai will stun the world with the biggest ever fireworks show on New Years Eve!

dubai world record fireworks 2014
Dubai will attempt to break the Guinness World Record Firework Display on New Years Eve. Photo courtesy: Fireworks by Grucci

Biggest, Tallest, Largest – are all synonymous with Dubai. The glittering Middle Eastern city has announced its plans to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Firework Display.

Currently, another Middle Eastern city holds the Guinness World Record for the largest firework display.

The State of Kuwait celebrated their 50th anniversary of the Constitution in a spectacular style held in Kuwait City, Kuwait, on 10 November 2012. The 77,282 fireworks display stretched over 5 km (3.11 miles) of seafront, started at 8 p.m. and lasted 64 minutes, which included the pyrotechnic display and a lights and sound show.

Dubai’s planned extraordinary pyrotechnic display on 31 December will aim to light up the city’s skyline with spectacular firework displays will last for only six minutes, but five times bigger and will contain 400,000 shots of fireworks that will be synchronised with music.

The dazzling show will start with a display choreographed across the whole of The Palm Jumeirah and the islands of The World. The sheer magnitude of the performance is expected to be remarkable with over 200 expert pyro technicians, 400 firing locations and 100 computers networked to control the show down to the millisecond.

The world record breaking attempt will cover a distance of approximately 100 kilometres of seafront, with an attempt to feature over 400,000 colourful fireworks, a series of amazing scenes designed exclusively for this event.

Designed by U.S. firm Fireworks by Grucci — who also designed the fireworks display for the launch of Atlantis in 2008, and the fireworks extravaganza during Dubai’s Expo 2020 bid win announcement — the show will feature a ‘Flying Falcon’ doing rounds of The World islands, a 225 metre wide and 130 metre high UAE flag — which itself could be another world record attempt for the largest pyrotechnic flag ever. The show will then end with the final salvo of fireworks that will light up a ‘Sunrise’ scene for 10 kilometres.

VIDEO: Massive preparations for Dubai’s attempt to break the Guinness World Record

Breaking a world record is no easy feat, especially when it involves something as massive as fireworks display that is spread over a 100 kilometres, and firing shots from both land and water.

To get an idea of the preparations that goes into the record breaking attempt, here’s the video which shows the background work being carried out.


Not in the UAE? No problem, you can watch Dubai’s attempt for the Guinness World Record for the largest firework display on Dubai TV online.

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