Gulf countries spared from Filipino workers ban list

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Philippines government introduced a new black list that dismisses all rumors about the list of countries to be banned for deployment of Filipino workers.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE do not belong to the list of 41 banned countries which were considered incapable of providing necessary protection for Filipino workers. The countries which lack sufficient laws to protect workers include India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and Pakistan.?Media reports from Philippines earlier mentioned the names of UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, as the government could not guarantee overseas Filipino workers? protection.

Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) called for an emergency meeting, as they are planning to delay the implementation of the deployment ban. Opposing the decision, the Migrante International requested the government to implement measures for generating jobs and adequate wages.

Saudi Arabia, after not being part of the new list, has a subject to a separate ban for Filipino maids because the kingdom said that it was seeking new sources for foreign workers.

POEA released two board resolutions wherein one approves OFW deployment to 49 countries and the other one bans them from 41 nations. Gulf nations name did not appear in either of the lists. The 49 countries mentioned are the ones that agree with Philippine government regarding the protection of the workers.

OFW?s can still be sent to these countries after a further review and evaluation, POEA said. Filipino media reported that the certificates for these countries are being issued where the workers are protected depending on skilled and less-skilled, with the skilled ones having more of an advantage.

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