My Healthy Plate

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?Jesus! Is the weigh machine in a fight with me? Why does it shows such a heavy weight always?” my friend protested. I hear this very often from her. I sometimes feel I am the other way round. Unlike Cathy, I eat everything that delights my tastebuds and never count calories before eating. I always tell her that we can never use weight loss to solve our problems which are not related to weight. We still are going to have same life – same work,?same husband and kids – so losing weight is not going to cure anything.

Eating right is very important. A balanced diet is like a cookie in each hand. Enjoying what you eat and eating everything in the right quantity acts like sugar on the pie. One should never eat more than one can lift. That really doesn?t mean you should be like my friend Cathy. We have several ways to have healthy eating habits. I read in a book last night about ‘Healthy Eating Plate’. I am sure you don?t want to be another Cathy but would love to relish all those yummy delights at the same time maintaining a good health.

Here’s a rundown of the proposed diet:

Vegetables and fruits are a part of your meal. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits means reducing the risk factors of heart disease, strokes, eye, digestive problems lower blood pressure. At least nine servings (at least 4? cups) of vegetables and fruits a day. Best options are dark leafy greens, tomatoes, anything rich in yellow, orange or red.

Whole grains have always been the one more important part of your complete meal. Quarter of your plate should cover whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, and other foods made with them. They have a light effect on blood sugar and insulin than white bread and other refined grains.

After vegetables, fruits and whole grains, protein diet is something we can?t afford to miss. One quarter of the plate should comprise of high proteins. Beans and nuts are rich in fibre. Eggs are also full of protein. Non-vegetarians should avoid processed meats.

The most important thing to consider while cooking?is the oil we use. We can find a variety of oils in the market. Chose the liquid plant oil for baking and cooking.

It is always good to limit cholesterol you eat as it has the highest influence on blood. Use oils like olive, canola, and other plant-based oils which are rich in heart-healthy fats. Avoid trans-fats. When you go to the supermarket, check the foods that are trans-fat free. Limit intake of butter and try soft tub margarine. Also make sure that it does not contain partially hydrogenated oils.

At a time when our consumption of solidified foods is on the rise, having liquid along with your diet is also a part of a balanced diet. A cup of coffee, tea or water is advisable. Having milk and dairy products one to two servings per day is the best option. Bear in mind that intake of loads of water all day keeps the toxins of your body away and makes its healthy.

Most important of all is to keep yourself active all day. Remember the old saying ?All work and no play makes John a dull boy”? Well, yes, make sure your entire day goes in keeping yourself active and at the same time eating right. Stay happy and love yourself. Remember, everyone is made up of bones and flesh. It is only the diet that differentiates us. Stay active! Stay alive!

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