Highlights from PM Modi’s Speech in Dubai

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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his much-awaited speech to a large gathering at the Dubai Sports City Cricket stadium on 17th August 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For a stadium that could accommodate 25,000 people, the registrations initiated through the website NamoInDubai.ae reached a massive 50,000.

Indians constitute the largest population in the UAE, and considering that this is the only visit by an Indian PM in 34 years, there was much anticipation related to the content of his speech.

Here are the key highlights of the speech in Dubai from someone who’s known for his extempore style

  • You are amongst those who – at the back of their hard work some for 10, 15, 20 years – have been earning their living. At the same time, you are making India proud. India has always been proud of the reputation you have built through your behaviour
  • Even if rains in India, the Indian sitting in Dubai opens his umbrella
  • If there is a calamity in India, the Indian in Dubai loses his sleep
  • When Vajpayee was the PM, India conducted a nuclear test. The world was astonished. Some people were apprehensive, and there were sanctions placed overnight. India was pushed to the brink economically. It was then that Vajpayee reached out to the diaspora community of India across the world and sought their help. And today, I can say with pride, the Indian workers of UAE played the biggest role in helping us
  • Every Indian settled here is in a way attached to the thread of India
  • Last year when the election results were emerging, not just India, but the whole of UAE was dancing
  • People from all around the world live in the UAE. Those who come from the the coldest climates too prefer staying in a country where temperatures reach 40-50 degree. This is a testament to the magnetic power of UAE
  • The diaspora community of Kerala is in abundance, and I mention them especially since it is their new year. (He wishes them in the local Malayalam language)


The PM spoke of his united stand with UAE against terrorism

  • There are at least 700 flights every week. It still took 34 years for an Indian Prime Minister to visit this country
  • Sometimes I feel there are a lot of things that my predecessors have left incomplete for me. Owing to this, amongst the many unfulfilled things that I have got the opportunity to undertake is visiting Abu Dhabi
  • Despite not a single PM visiting this country, the rulers in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai still did not express anguish at this. They showered me with love, and I’ll never forget this love
  • This love, respect and admiration is not for an individual, this is respect for the 1.2 billion Indians. This is a reflection of the changing tides of India. It is a reflection of the way India has repositioned itself in the global space
  • On the one hand, there is terrorism in the name of religion. On the other, there’s the Crowne Prince of Abu Dhabi who has granted us a land to build a temple. Those who are familiar with Abu Dhabi will realise the immensity of the decision to build this temple. I request you to thank the Crown Prince with a thunderous applause, and giving him a standing ovation
  • More than diplomatic acumen and knowledge of the language, it is the trust in each other that makes a  difference. In the few hours of meeting (with the rulers of UAE), I can confidently say that this trust is built on a solid foundation and will survive the test of times
  • You will be delighted to know that the Crown Prince has signed a joined statement for investment upwards of INR 4.5 lakh crore in India


Modi credited the election of a majority government in making strong economic strides

  • Without any ambiguity, India and the UAE have given its verdict against terrorism. There has been a united resolve against terrorism from this country. A strong message that terrorists must be punished has emanated from here
  • I am glad that UAE supports India’s position on Terrorism. This isn’t only about an investment of INR 4.5 lakh crore, it’s an indication of moving together in the right direction 
  • It is the result of India’s popular election of a complete majority government last year that has changed the world’s outlook towards India
  • India has been a victim of terrorism for more than 40 years. Indians have lost many lives to the bullets of terrorists.
  • India’s youth is the pivot for the country’s success
  • It is time for countries believing in unity and humanity to unite against terrorism.
  • Words like good Taliban and bad Taliban, good terrorism and bad terrorism will not be accepted anymore. People will have to make a decision on the sides that they want to choose
  • Dialogue is the only way to bringing peace. Even if it after many years of violence, in the end, decision are made only after meeting at the table
  • With your blessings, we have resolved the issue with Bangladesh’s cross-border infiltration
  • When there was a water crisis in Maldives, we immediately sent out a relief team with drinking water and did not leave the country till their pump was full with water again
  • We have announced that we will launch a satellite in 2017 that will offer free services to all SAARC countries. This will benefit farmers, students and for greater public benefit
  • Connectivity is of utmost importance today. Europe is blessed with this. Can the SAARC countries not build a strong connectivity too? There are some people who are skeptical about these moves. But should this stop us from going ahead?
  • India does not want to walk with arrogance, it wants to walk everyone shoulder-to-shoulder. We wish for employment, a second Green Revolution, we wish for greater development in the North Eastern parts of India. If the west and the east unite in development, India will speed ahead 
  • We have announced important policy reforms in the field of Health insurance for the masses in India. One of the schemes in this vein includes paying merely Re. 1 every month to be covered by the scheme. In return, he will receive an insurance cover of INR 2 lakhs
  • On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I request the Indian community in India to gift their sisters this insurance cover scheme of Rs. 2 Lakhs


The Indian PM lodged gentle digs against the opposition for showing skepticism and halting progress

  • We need to educate our young minds, modernise our country, and utilize the positive outlook that the world now has towards India. We need to lift the country to new heights
  • We have launched an online platform named ‘Madad‘ (Help) – which can be utilized by the Indian expats across the world to communicate their grievances
  • e-migrant portal has also been launched to address grievances of expats so that they don’t have to frequent the embassy. I have been informed that there are some technical difficulties in using the e-migrant. I have ordered the embassy to fix the issue within 30 days 
  • We have suggested counsellor camps in areas where workers with low wages who are unable to afford long distance travel can have their grievances addressed
  • Indian Community Welfare Fund has been launched so that expats who have run into trouble can get legal aid to pay their dues and relief themselves off the jail term
  • I recognize the difficulty in getting children into schools here. I am discussing on ways to resolve this and I’m confident that we will bring a solution
  • If there is an India comrade of mine in any part of the world, I don’t care for the colour of their passport, rather the colour of blood suffices. It is sufficient that he’s a dweller of this earth. So let’s unite from all parts of the world to build an environment conducive to uplifting the respect for India and live a life of dignity for yourselves and your family.



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