A Himalayan expedition to give light. Are you in?

Source: Global Himalayan Expedition Facebook page
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Contributed by Nimesh Sharma, one of the volunteers of the Himalayan Expedition
June 2016 will be a life changing month for me. I am heading towards Ladakh, in India’s Jammu and Kashmir to literally bring light to the lives of those living around a 2500-year-old cave. About 600 years ago, a monastery was built in the the cave. Civilisation touched this place long ago, but it is still years for the small necessities of our generation. There is no electricity. People do not step out after dark, children have limited hours to play and can you even think of all those things they engage in? Had I been living there, would I have been able to pen this down to reach out to you all?
But are they sad? Well no, smiles invite you! Happy faces greet you. I wish to add more smiles to their lives.
It was such an exciting day when Global Himalayan Expeditions (GHE) selected me for this project aimed at installing solar grids in this village that hosts one of the oldest monasteries. 
Being the only Indian selected for this, I was keen to connect with the other finalists. GHE had got over 1500 applications from 43 countries. The other 19 participants are from 11 other countries – we have people from USA as well as from Luxembourg. 
The organisers – GHE, have successfully completed electrification in 10 villages, setup 30 microgrids and impacted over 2000 lives in the process. 
Hundreds of litres of kerosene (non-environmental friendly fuel) is consumed in the region everywhere, where only solar power is what is needed.
This village including few others are low on government’s priority for electrification. For this project, we are raising our own funds through crowd funding.
We have had many like-minded people who have added to the kitty. It feels nice that while not everyone has the time to spare 2 weeks for such a project, people are encouraging. The kind of love & support we have received is unbelievable. 
If you believe that this village deserves electricity, feel free to help us by contributing here – http://igg.me/at/ladakh-lad-nimesh
We are open to all kinds of social auditing. Also, I will send all the updates from ground zero after the installation is done.
Let us all adopt one such village to touch every sphere of their lives. Every change matters…
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