Honda UAE wants its cars back!

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Honda cars recalled in UAE?


To assess the problem with Honda Civic cars.

As many as 7, 000 Honda Civic cars are recalled by the company due to the faulty water cooling system, which did not stop the car?s engine. The car affected were those sold during 2009 and 2010.

Owners are being notified to bring their cars immediately for servicing. The problem is essentially on the small bolt in the water pulley system that can become loose and leads to engine failure. The cars will have the bolt replaced and tested to ensure that there is no fault.

Worldwide, over 2, 00, 000 Civic model have been affected. This includes the Stream and Crossroad brands that are not sold in the UAE.

Earlier recalls?

In May 2010, Honda recalled about 245 cars due to faulty brakes that affected the Odyssey and Element models made in 2007 and 2008. That recall was triggered by customer complaints stating that air would enter the braking system, making the brakes gradually less responsive.

However, UAE Honda owners were unaffected by a global recall early this year, of almost one million 2001 and 2002 Accord, Civic, Odyssey and CR-V models due to faulty driver-side air bags.


Arijit Basu, GM Sales for Honda Middle East said, “The UAE is our biggest market in the GCC for Civics, so this affects a very small proportion of these models, about 6,986 cars, we have notified Al Futtaim Motors and they have the database of customers who have the affected chassis number, and we will be contacting them to bring their cars in for checks.”


As per the company records, only a small portion of the models has been affected. The faulty part will be replaced and tested for quality. The work will carried out free of cost to the customer.?

UAE was not spared from the effects of credit crisis of 2008, and auto dealers in the UAE faced a sharp slowdown in demand. Now with frequent recalls, it will be difficult for the Japanese manufacturer to push up its sales efforts in UAE.

?Honda has always been stable and safe,? Jonathan an entrepreneur in Dubai told Arabian Gazette. ?Now, these recalls are making me think twice regarding the brand.?

This recall could affect the company?s already dwindling market share. American cars are taking over and such glitches might put the Japanese maker further behind.

Source:, The National

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