HONOR Brings the Future of AI Cameras to Reality with HONOR View20

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Making smartphone usage a tool for professional photography combined with phenomenal possibilities of expression

HONOR, the leading smartphone e-brand, has invested in the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature to upgrade the camera capabilities as well as improve the photography standards of its users. The AI features introduced within the latest HONOR View20 have taken the smartphone photography experience to the next level by skillfully combining 48+25MP with AI to generate a camera that captures beautiful imagery that is sharp and provides manifold possibilities for the users.

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HONOR View20 brings an elevated version of AI features to life adding algorithms to improve the camera functionality by quickly and automatically recognizing the difference between the foreground subject and the background. The AI feature is specially designed for an amateur photographer to play the role of a smart assistant that verifies the camera setting and image processing with applicable exposure and colors adjustments to click perfect shots. One of the key factors that determines the quality of a photograph is the software and the artificial intelligence applied to it.

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Chris Sunbaigong, President, HONOR, MEA, said: “The coming together of AI (artificial intelligence) and multiple lenses in a smartphone makes for a power packed combination and has truly evolved the functionality and the operational value of the device. It is a well-known fact that photography is quite fundamental in today’s day and age and we at HONOR have underscored this prerequisite with HONOR View20’s impeccable AI performance that supports high image processing speed, pushing the limits of what you can do with a smartphone in your hands. HONOR spares no efforts to stay at the forefront of technology and is keen on bringing the latest innovations to today’s youth to make their lives better and enable them to get ahead of time.”

HONOR View20, launched in January 2019, boasts of bringing groundbreaking AI technology combined with multiple high-quality camera lenses specially designed for a flagship performance for the users. The latest smartphone by HONOR has really stepped up its photography game with a back camera of 48MP, complemented by a 25MP front-facing camera. The large megapixel capacity helps to capture images in excellent quality and clarity. The camera delivers high resolution and sensitivity to colors, which helps create sharp, detailed images and find balance between muted hues and excessive saturation.

HONOR View20’s dual NPU pushes the smartphones AI capabilities to surprise and delight the users in everything they do. The smartphone comes equipped with an AI powered Kirin 980 chipset that learns to understand how users operate producing magical shooting modes in the smartphone’s camera application.

3D Modeling: Measures the distance between the smartphone and subject using AI and 3D modeling algorithms, making it possible to create a 3D model of user’s favorite subject allowing them to make their favorite characters come alive in their phone.

3D Shaping: The 3D camera captures depth information to instantly identify and precisely separate people from backgrounds. With 3D Shaping, users are able to enhance body shapes in videos and pictures to get the perfect look.

AR Dancing: Once a virtual 3D character has been created using a 3D camera, users can make the character follow their own unique dance movements and that will dance with them in real time. The character can perform specific gestures, like kung fu, ballet dancing or just walking.

AI Calorie Counting: For the people who are extremely diet and calorie conscious, the 3D camera in unison with AI can calculate the calories contained in a food item or a meal by pointing the rear camera at it. The camera is enabled to measure the distance and calculate the portion size. The AI capability is able to identify more than 100 kinds of food and provide calorie information to help the user maintain a healthy lifestyle.

AIS Super Night Shot: The 48MP sensor and upgraded AI capability make a substantial difference when shooting at night. The advanced 48MP sensor can combine 4 pixels into 1, producing brighter images. HONOR View20 leverages AI to produce beautiful night shots by using multi-frame stabilization technology based on machine learning. Even if the user lacks steady hands, just by holding the smartphone for 6 seconds, the technology analyzes the camera movement and intelligently selects and combines several different frames to help create photos with less blur ensuring best quality photos, even at night.

AI photography for smart shooting: HONOR View20’s upgraded AI photography capability supports recognition of over 1,500 scenarios in more than 60 categories. Constructed with high performance processor and chipsets, intensive AI photography computing processes are performed in the blink of an eye. The AI image recognition speed has increased by 120% providing a professional photography experience thanks to the smartphones increased computing power.

Super Slow-Motion Captures: HONOR View20 raises slow-motion to a new level by offering 960 fps at 720p resolution, allowing the users to capture precious moments in remarkable detail. Fleeting, treasured moments are often difficult to recognize and are captured in real time. HONOR View20’s auto-detect super slow-motion capability, allows the users to easily detect moving people or objects and slows them down to create slow-motion videos creating an experience that is similar to watching the cinema.

AI video editor: faster editing and sharing Smartphone users don’t just want to take videos, they also want to edit them. HONOR View20 comes with an AI video editor which can identify faces and create separate highlights for each person in the video – saving time and effort when editing videos of friends and family.

AI object identification enabling AI shopping: HONOR View20’s AI capability is also able to identify landmarks and paintings and is able to identify over 300 famous landmarks and 100,000 paintings from around the world. Using the AI shopping feature, the camera can scan and identify objects, and direct you to the best shopping websites for purchasing similar items. The feature currently supports more than 200 shopping platforms globally.

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