How to eat like a business tycoon?

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Good dining etiquettes build your self-confidence

By Namita Jain, Managing director, KISHCO. Silver Plated_Mood_Rose (1)

With the fast pace life people nowadays tend to combine their work with their meal schedule, as a result of which people are giving a lot of importance to corporate dining etiquette’s. The way you carry yourself matters especially in a business environment. Be it heading towards a business lunch with your colleagues, recruiters, clients or partners you need to ensure that you are at your very best. Having good dining etiquette’s not only helps establish your reputation but also helps building your self- confidence and makes you an accepted member of the corporate clan.

KISHCO has put together a list to share tips on dining and helps boost your confidence.

• Always use the fork farthest from the plate first

• At a crowded table, it is sometimes difficult to know which glasses belong to you and which are your neighbour’s. Your wine and water glasses are always on the right side of the plate, above your knives. Your bread and butter plate is always to the left one easy way to remember is to think of the acronym “BMW” or “Bread, Meal, Water.”

• Keep in mind that the guest of honour sits to the host’s right – even in a restaurant. The Guest of Honour should be facing out into the dining area of a restaurant. If there are two hosts and two guests, the Guest of Honour will be seated on the right of the most senior host.

• The cutting edge of the knife blade always faces  the centre of the plate while resting on one’s plate.

• Note that you should not carry anything in your right hand as it should free for handshaking.

• When dining in a restaurant and you accidentally drop your fork on the floor, Leave it on the floor and ask the server to bring you another one.

• If you need to leave the table for a brief time push back your chair, rise and place the napkin on the seat. Then push in the chair.

• At the end of the meal, the knife and fork should be placed at the 11 o’clock position.

• Handshakes should be firm, not wimpy nor bone crushing. While shaking hands, maintain eye contact with the other person.

• Please note the proper way of raising the toast- The custom of clinking glasses originally was used to drive away evil spirits. If you clink, do with care, especially with fine crystal. Toasts should be long enough to cover the subject but short enough to be casually entertaining – about a minute.

The DONT’S of dining etiquette’s-

1. Speaking too loudly during a conversation and trying to overpower the

2. Always keep your cell phones on silent mode, answer only if urgent

3. Never leave your purse or keys or sunglasses on the table

4. You should consciously never allow your elbows on the table.

5. Chew slowly and with a closed mouth

6. Avoid touching your face and hair while at the table

7. Posture is always important, always sit upright

We have placed below charts of a breakfast, lunch and dinner spread. Observe, practice and recall these pointers while you hit to your next corporate meal.

“Today you are recognised by the way you eat and not what you eat”, says Namita Jain, Managing director, KISHCO.



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