How to Launch a Food Truck Business in Dubai [Infographic]

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Looking to start your food truck business in Dubai? here’s a neat infographic that explain what’s required to get started.

In partnership with Imago Growth Accelerator and Aseel F&B, The Bureau Dubai, a co-working space that provides support for local startups and small businesses to start, manage and grow their business hosted a unique workshop on how to a launch food truck business in Dubai.

They welcomed Tahir Shah of Moti Roti to give an insight into his journey when launching his Pakistani street food truck with a healthy twist. He gave an informative talk on his experience of running a local food truck and working with the local municipalities to get the approvals.

Dubai Food Truck Business

We have seen many pop-up events, markets and fairs in Dubai over the past few years, add to this a flourishing outdoor scene with many renovations on Jumeirah beach and other parks around town it has provided an excellent landscape for food trucks to become a trendy venture for the F&B sector.

Disha Pagarani of Aseel F&B added “Since food trucks are a newer addition to the culinary scene of Dubai, there is a good amount of room for newer concepts to prosper with different cuisines and food types. We strongly believe that with food trucks in Dubai, the trick is in getting the groundwork right.  For instance, a lot of aspiring food entrepreneurs that we have worked with, had no idea on how to get the right kind of government approvals for health and safety standards and to set a secure legal framework for their trucks. The other issues they had was in sourcing the right locations to house their trucks. (Food Trucks in Dubai are not allowed to move around. They need to be placed at a pre-secured location).  So the true strategy is in laying the foundations right and planning diligently, as you would with any other business.”

The workshop was part of a new initiative supported by The Bureau Dubai and Aseel F&B called Imago which is the Middle East’s first F&B accelerator program dedicated to growth stage food and beverage companies. It will be the first in a series of workshops aimed at attracting the local industry and the right candidates for their program starting later this year.

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  1. I am planning to start Food Truck Business in a small scale. Pls. advise and guide me how to do it and how much I have to invest.

  2. Hi,

    I need some guidance to setup the food truck. Please guide me if there is any workshop and when and what needs to be done to setup the truck. How much finance will be required from start till the end process.

    Will wait for the revert.


  3. Hi I’m keen and very enthusiastic with the idea of food truck concept and quite passionate in what I do.having said that I have spent about 5 years in the hospitality industry overseas and looking to relocate to UAE specifically for setting up and starting out in the food truck landscape.ideally I would like to operate independently and not tie myself with franchise.i would appreciate your kind advice and assistance on the same and all pertaining to the respectful sector.lastly is this confined to Dubai only or UAE by and large.thank you and have a great day and year ahead.look forward to hearing from yourselves eagerly.


  5. hi im looking for food truck to do my business i have y idea and my budget i need some one who help me to get a ready truck and the approval please contact me as soon my mobile number +971528116154

    thanks and regards
    jawad reslan

  6. I am planning to start Food Truck Business in Abu Dhabi. Please advise and guide me how to do it and how much I have to invest.
    i have my budget and need some one who help me to get a ready truck and the approval form all concerened department. please contact me on : +971 50 7510880

    Ashraf Jamal
    Email: [email protected]

  7. I am planning to start food truck business kindly provide me the necessary detail and requirement to start this business

  8. I am planning to start a Food Truck Business. Please advice on the process (approvals & license) and the cost of each to initiate the business.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello Everyone,

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    • I am based in Abu Dhabi and am keen on setting up a Food Truck Business. My local partner and I would like to meet with one of your representatives, preferably of the weekends; to discuss the way forward on setting up this business.

  10. Hi i want to statrt a food truck business in Duabi please advise how to get approval and get started.

  11. I’m living in dubai wanted to start my own food truck business with small investment, would appreciate if you can guide and support a female to be independently.

  12. I’m interested to Start a small time food truck business with small scale, looking for guidance and support to be a female entrepreneur. Please advice on the process (approvals & license) and the cost of each to initiate the business.

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  14. Because RTA will not like or allow you to park in any place, there are designated area and you can also take permission to park from private residential communities, the will give you the designated spot and time. further queries, call me @ 00971553780092

  15. It is because RTA and Health and safety department will not allow due to public Health and safety issues. you can only park your van in designated area which can be government or private owned and which will be subjected to approval from different department (for example in kite beach you need approval from Nakheel and in Down town Dubai from Emaar).
    If you need any further details you can contact me Ph: 00971553780092

  16. Hi can you send me the details for the food truck permit and how to start.. My boos is planning to get a food truck. thanks

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