Huda’s Beauty Bash, a total SMASH!

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Arabian Gazette’s Aida had a chance to experience the beauty bash at an event organized by Dubai’s famous fashionista Huda Heidi Kattan

huda kattan makeup artist
Huda Kattan, Dubai-based makeup artist and beauty consultant, posing during a makeup event. Photo – Huda Kattan

Last week I attended Huda’s Beauty Bash with my lovely friend Nina and it was absolutely amazing!

For all those who still don’t know who Huda Heidi Kattan is, she’s one of the most famous beauty bloggers in the Gulf region. This gorgeous beauty queen is a Hollywood trained makeup artist and beauty consultant based in Dubai, who gained fame status through her blog Huda and her sisters could be referred to as the Dubai version of the Kardashian sisters, funny enough that their last name starts with ‘K’ too.

Her beauty bash took place at Studio Capital D, which is located in the Al Quoz area of the city. In my opinion Huda chose the perfect place to host a beauty bash, because Al Quoz is an industrial area and it is just a great contrast to throw such a glamorous party there; adding an urban twist to the event. Furthermore, the venue was spacious enough but at the same time not too big, which made it so unbelievably exclusive.

huda beauty bash dubai
Makeup artists attending guests and giving free makeup tips at Huda’s Beauty Bash. Photo –

The first thing that came to my mind when I entered Studio Capital D I said “Oh my god!” loudly. The amount of beautiful and stylish people was – quite frankly speaking – intimidating. When I looked over to my friend Nina, I could see that she uttered the exact same words. We were amazed by the setup because there were five different ‘attractions’: Braun, Vaseline, N Style, Bioderma and Dolce & Gabbana makeup stands.

The Bioderma stand was equipped with a skin analysis machine, which plenty of guests made use of to find out what kind of skin they have and which products are recommended for their particular skin type. The N Style corner had manicures to offer and the Braun stand provided Huda’s guests with insights on smoother epilation.

Furthermore, the ladies at the Vaseline stand were more than happy to apply samples of their new cream onto guests with dry skin. Health and nutrition expert Razan Sahari was on set as well to remind the guests that good skin doesn’t only come from a cream, but it comes from within. “You need to drink a lot of water and eat as many different fruits as possible, because this is how you get the vitamins and antioxidants into your body, which help to improve your skin”, she said.

The Dolce & Gabbana makeup stand was probably the favourite of many guests at Huda’s party. The makeup artists were responsible for the makeovers and advised women on how to improve their look by sharing tips and tricks with them.

In order to keep everyone happy and content (believe me you don’t want that many hungry women gathered in the same place), Dish catering served the most delicious snacks one could ever imagine; and to top it all off DJane Sabrina Terence spoiled the crowd with smooth but catchy tunes that made everyone tap their feet.

huda kattan
Huda Heidi Kattan with distinguished guests at the Huda Beauty Bash event. Photo –

The lovely host, who looked absolutely stunning in her black dress and was so busy speaking to all sorts of people, still took a few minutes off her time to tell me a bit more about her beauty bash. “The beauty bash is a celebration for the re-launch of my website”, she said while adding: “This time the website is going to be in Arabic as well.” Huda also revealed that her new website is set to be launched later this month.

Huda’s beauty bash showed everyone in town that she knows how to throw a good party; and as if the event itself wasn’t indulgent enough, everyone went home with a fabulous goody bag. I literally raided my goody bag the minute I arrived home, because I was so curious about the products. I was more than pleased to find a perfume, Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics and several creams in my bag, amongst many other products.

Dubai’s beauty queen has proved once again that she and her sisters have actually created a beauty empire in the region. Simply put, Huda’s beauty bash was a total smash!

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