Humanities graduates popular with UAE business

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Historical data proves that students opting for a career in science, technology or business, are likely to become successful professionals in the future. But when someone asks, why one would pursue a humanities degree, we’re temporarily baffled.

The answer, though, is very simple. In today’s globalised world, cultures are increasingly influencing each other. Languages, religion and philosophical concepts from many countries are constantly overlapping and formerly local-only issues, are now global ones. Thus, with a degree in humanities, it can be safely said that you can do anything!

Humanities degree
A study says UAE employers are seeking humanities graduates and that 60% of the world’s prominent business, political and academic leaders have humanities degrees. Image courtesy:

Research conducted in the UK last year by New College of Humanities revealed that 60 percent of their most prominent business, political, and academic leaders, had degrees in humanities and related subjects, compared to 15 percent with science and engineering related qualifications.

International research has demonstrated that humanities graduates are more likely to occupy the top positions in the professional world.

As a field that essentially revolves around people and networking, business is all about communicating and understanding different points of view; skills that are integral to the study of humanities. Similarly, humanities students are not simply taught a sets of facts, but rather, how to analyse and distil information to draw logical conclusions, making them valuable assets in the workplace.

Dr. Feras Hamza; “The reality of the current global environment is that of increasing complexity. As the world becomes more integrated and interconnected, because of the rapid pace of technology, communication, media and urbanisation, its population is pushed into a common political, economic and cultural sphere. This creates opportunities for exchange but also the possibility of conflict. To be a leader in this ‘brave new world’, whether in business, politics, or international organisations, you need to understand that complexity.

Humanities degrees are a great preparation for a career in business as well as in government. Students develop skills in communication, analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving, all essential in today’s global environment. Honing these skills through studies in the humanities could in fact give the candidates an edge over typical business graduates when competing for leadership roles.” — Dr. Feras Hamza, Professor of International Studies and MIST Programme Coordinator at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)

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