Hyatt Launches ‘Women’s Experience’ in UAE

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After Largest Guest Listening Exercise in its History, Hyatt Makes First Step in Evolution of Guest Experience

Hyatt launches 'Women's Experience' in UAE
Hyatt launches ‘Women’s Experience’ in UAE

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts have announced the launch of its unique Women’s Experience in Hyatt properties across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as regionally and across the globe.

Launched on Mother’s Day (March 21, in the UAE) in reverence to mothers across the Arab world, Park Hyatt Dubai welcomed Iman Al Midfa, Founder and Creative Director of luxury Emirati fashion vrand, Ghizlan Fashion House, to participate with her award-winning abaya designs.

“I’m so pleased to have had my designs featured during this unique launch. As a regular traveler myself, it’s wonderful to see Hyatt focusing on women and our individual needs as we travel. Arab and Gulf women are quite particular when it comes to how they travel, and I’m sure this will be a welcomed feature in Hyatt hotels.” — Iman Al Midfa

Hyatt began its efforts to evolve the guest experience with an intensive 18-month effort that included more than 40 facilitated group discussions around the world. Because women are such a critical segment of travelers, Hyatt focused its efforts on creating solutions to the issues that many women face while on the road. Each feature was driven by insights provided by female travelers, therefore, Hyatt believes all guests can benefit from these new enhancements.

“Hyatt’s re-commitment of listening to guests and digging deeper is leading to ever more meaningful and illuminating findings that help us truly understand their needs. We are deeply committed to ensuring our female guests are comfortable and at ease while travelling, with the luxuries of personalised hospitality that Hyatt is renowned for.” — John Beveridge, Dubai Area Director and General Manager of Grand Hyatt Dubai.

Hyatt’s approach to listening goes well beyond typical market research by incorporating tactics aimed at understanding the deeper emotional needs of guests, creating ideas that target those needs and quickly prototyping and testing the ideas. Each feature launched was perfected in real-world Hyatt hotels designated to incubate such innovative ideas, prior to global rollout.

Hyatt’s research indicated women want:

  • Assurances that their guest rooms have been cleaned and an on-going dialogue with the hotel to provide feedback. Guests will now find communications cards that allow housekeepers to provide personal confirmation of a thoroughly cleaned room and open the door to two-way communication, encouraging guests to share additional needs during their stay. 
  • An easy way to obtain items forgotten at home without breaking stride. All business travelers forget things. Women, however, are often much more reluctant than men to seek assistance when they do, which can make something simple such as leaving a cell phone charger at home much more disruptive for female travelers. Hyatt is introducing Hyatt Has It, a service for all guests that will offer essentials such as a phone charger, curling iron, steamer, yoga mat, makeup remover wipes and razor to keep, borrow, or buy. 
  • To maintain their health and well-being on the road. All guests will find new menu offerings that include fresh juices and smoothies, balanced portions and “create your own” options, all of which are grounded in Hyatt’s industry-leading food and beverage philosophy; Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served. 
  • Bath products that are of high quality. Hyatt hotels will now offer all guests upgraded, high-quality bath amenities from KenetMD Skin Care, Le Labo, June Jacobs, and Aromapothecary across its portfolio of brands.
Hyatt's new 'Women's Experience' in UAE
Hyatt’s new ‘Women’s Experience’ in UAE

Guest request communication cards, a service providing frequently forgotten items, and new healthy, balanced menu offerings are a sampling of new features available at Hyatt hotels and resorts around the world as a result of Hyatt’s effort to listen more to guests and provide an experience tailored to their individual preferences. 

Now in full global rollout, each of the enhancements is based on insights from female travelers which was collected as part of the most extensive guest listening exercise in Hyatt history. The launch of these new amenities and services mark the first milestone in Hyatt’s evolution of hospitality, which includes changing the conversation with hotel guests, unleashing a spirit of innovation and perfecting new concepts through rigorous research and in-hotel testing.

“These changes represent a first step in re-thinking how we do business – they show we are ready as a company to break free from the ‘one size fits all’ playbook and have a real conversation with our guests to better understand what they want,” said Sara Kearney, senior vice president, brands, for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. “We are excited to introduce new amenities and services today that guests told us they wanted, and we are even more excited to see how our new approach will continually allow us to offer solutions to the issues today’s travelers face.” — Hyatt

For more information on new amenities and services at Hyatt hotels, and to learn more about Hyatt’s new guest listening approach, visit

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