IKEA UAE Re-imagines Catalogue with ‘THE DOOR’ AR Campaign

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In a world full of possibilities, IKEA opened ‘THE DOOR’ to the UAE 

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer has launched an innovative campaign in the UAE by digitizing their catalogue in a creative way to take customer experience to a new level.

Interacting with products virtually through augmented reality? Who would have thought that possible? IKEA did!

Since the very beginning, IKEA has designed innovative campaigns and strategies to communicate to audiences all across the globe. In one of their recent strategies IKEA aligned with Essentially Precise to deliver a very unique and interactive solution.

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To launch the 2018 catalogue in the UAE, IKEA wanted to go beyond just the physical catalogue and design an innovative experience. As a brand in the UAE, how do you do that? How do you engage with your consumers? How do you make room for the new?

The theme of the 2018 Catalogue is about looking beyond the walls of your home and not letting them determine what you want it to be, making room for life… exploring new unthinkable possibilities.

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A creative collaboration between IKEA and Essentially Precise led to the idea of ‘THE DOOR’ being born. With a twist to the traditional print catalogue, Essentially Precise, a part of Precise Communications FZ LLC designed an interactive door catalogue to make room for new possibilities.

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Gopal Aswani (Partner at Essentially Precise) explains “Imagine this…a life-sized pink interactive door with a digital screen placed in the middle of the mall.  Wouldn’t you be curious to take a peek?

Every time ‘THE DOOR’ was opened it allowed people to re-imagine their home, making room for inspiration. One Door – new experiences, new possibilities.


Usama Qasem, Marketing Manager IKEA, “Being the first of its kind in the UAE, this campaign came with a level of excitement and we weren’t sure how will this be received by the audience.  We decided to execute this creative idea and make room for a new possibility. The campaign proved to be remarkably successful which gained a tremendous level of engagement and interest”.

During the run of the campaign ‘THE DOOR’ was moved from its initial test location to a more popular one to be able to cater to the growing audience interest.

The digital content on the screen successfully provided learnability of the IKEA catalogue. The overall design and aesthetics of the door allowed passer-bys to experience and interact with IKEA outside ‘IKEA’. IKEA’s experiential campaign ‘THE DOOR’ turned to be a big success beyond expectations.

 We knew, like most digital agencies that innovative ideas help build new experiences, and these experiences define perceptions which in turn drive interest. IKEA in itself, from its products to its campaigns is revolutionizing marketing communication through its innovative and experiential communication strategies.

IKEA is designing the consumer journey at different levels all the time. The brand creates a bench mark of experiences. From its creative online campaigns to in-store experiences, IKEA is completely changing the way consumers can engage and interact with the touch-points of the brand. IKEA’s successful campaigns are a testimony to its innovative and creative approach to marketing communication. 

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