India’s great wireless leap [Infographic]

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Effective Measure research spotlights India’s great wireless leap

India’s digital data revolution is mobilising

The Indian mobile market is poised to become the second largest mobile internet market globally within the next four years. Effective Measure, the leading provider of media planning and audience profiling solutions, has released the results of its latest digital audience data for the Indian market revealing the patterns of online behaviour that are fuelling the rising mobile data led revolution.

India digital landscape infographic

Effective Measure is the rapidly expanding global provider of specialist digital audience profiling and measurement, founded in Australia and deployed in 33 countries around the world with a significant presence in the Middle East and South East Asia.

India, Effective Measure’s most recent new market entry, has already emerged as one of the most powerful digital traffic zones in the world, ushering in unprecedented opportunities for media, brands and agencies and creating new and unique digital user experiences and engagement.

Effective Measure’s first Digital Snapshot of the Indian sector reveals insights from 55,000 demographic profiles. Key findings support the mobility trend with Effective Measure’s research showing that the mobile is the tool of choice in accessing and engaging with online content. In July 51% of Indian users accessed the internet from a mobile phone, while 5% accessed the internet from a tablet.

“The Indian digital sector is embarking on a massive transformation and the mobile data sector is leading the charge. As networks catch up to the demand, the content industries are set to reap rich rewards if the right tools are in place. Mobile content engagement in India is spiking higher than the global average, and it is this platform that can bring the biggest targeted opportunity for brands and retailers seeking to engage and sell to Indian consumers,” said Effective Measure Regional MD India, Abhimanyu Sareen.

While the fixed online content population of India is powerful, adoption and usage of mobile is creating a leapfrog effect to a mobile centric digital nation. Effective Measure is capturing the growth patterns of mobile accessed digital content and the devices that drive it.

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