Indian firm TalentEdge introduces Artificial Intelligence in Executive Education

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Artificial Intelligence in education is poised to be the next big thing in the MENA region as well. Wait for our updates on this business opportunity for firms in MENA. Read on for some information from India 

India’s premium Business School, Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur has emerged as a pioneer in yet another edutech field by introducing a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enabled platform for virtual learning.

SLIQ 2.0, developed by Talentedge, India’s leading Ed-Tech firm, offers ‘live and interactive’ classrooms. The launch of SLIQ 2.0 also makes Talentedge the first in the education-technology space to have Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning powered Executive Education platform in India.

“Such innovations will help us refine our courses further to meet the needs of learners and industry, alike. It will enhance students’ learning through futuristic technology. Integrating AI in the learning platform is a path breaking step from our partner, Talentedge,”said Father E. Abraham, XLRI.

Available on Android and iOS platforms, Talentedge SLIQ 2.0 creates a unified learning environment for learners and teachers, as it streamlines processes and simulates classroom learning. This advancement focuses on conferring enhanced customised user experience and is able to keep a check on learners, i.e. if they are attentive during sessions or have merely switched on the device or even stepped away.

It also sends learners notifications to remind them of live classes, assignments and more. Aditya Malik, CEO & MD, Talentedge added “Machine learning is the definitive future of education in India. It is with this forethought that we launched SLIQ 2.0 for the benefit of our learners and mentors alike. We hope SLIQ 2.0 will enable truly customized-education & real-time problem solving capabilities. It will not only help learn faster but also foster user’s overall learning satisfaction. We are excited about the launch of this path-breaking platform and hope to garner a positive response from our users”.

Since its inception, Talentedge has on-boarded more than half a million learners generating data, accounting to over 5 million data base entries. SLIQ 2.0 leverages this data to operate an AI engine which uses these acquired data points, by implementing big data as readymade repertoire of experience for the system.

The platform has also reinforced communication modules through chat bots that enable query resolution of the learners and address mundane but frequent queries, with nominal human intervention. This advanced learning environment will provide further leverage to the valuable partnership between Talentedge & XLRI Jamshedpur so that learners can gain maximum benefit from our co-partnered courses, in the process furthering the common endeavour of taking quality executive education to professionals around the country.

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